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    • Bringing Out the Chef in Children

      The programs, which have been field-tested with great success, provide nutrition education through hands-on cooking in schools and community organizations.

    • Posture Affects Standing, and Not Just the Physical Kind

      Poor posture can have ill effects that radiate throughout the body.

    • To Lower Cholesterol, Try a Foray Into the Mediterranean

      Many Americans, when faced with a serious health risk like high cholesterol, opt to take a pill rather than adopt healthier living habits.

    • The Fats You Don't Need to Fear, and the Carbs That You

      Experts now realize that efforts to correct past dietary sins that made heart disease and stroke runaway killers have caused the pendulum to swing too far in the wrong direction.

    • The More We Learn on Nutrition, the More We Ignore

      People still have to eat, and studies have shown that drinking ones calories does not result in a corresponding decrease in food calories consumed, a fact that may also apply to those who drink multiple servings of wine.

    • Hearing Loss Costs Far More Than Ability to Hear

      The price people pay is much more than social.

    • Lung Screening May Not Push Smokers to Quit

      A new study suggest that Medicare and other insurers could be spending billions of dollars on screening smokers for lung cancer that would be better spent on helping them quit and keeping others from starting.

    • A New Approach to Raising Healthy Eaters

      Food is a popular pacifier, with treats offered to relieve physical or emotional pain. Little wonder that many youngsters refuse to eat whats served for dinner.

    • Snoring Children May Suffer From Sleep Apnea

      Barrett Treadway, 3 1/2, has never been the best of sleepers, but her sleep grew increasingly worse in the past year and a half.

    • Exercise & Physical Activity Can Relieve Arthritis Pain

      When the pain of arthritis results in a decline in physical activity, as it commonly does, the risk of developing a chronic health problem like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes rises.

    • Looking for Parkinson's Sooner

      The study, conducted among more than 54,000 British men and women, identified symptoms that were more likely to be present in people who years later were diagnosed with Parkinson's.

    • The Treadmill Treatment

      Many people with chronic health problems resign themselves to lives of modest activity or no activity at all, thinking vigorous exercise is unsafe or that they lack the stamina for it

    • An Incipient Danger to Our Hearts

      Millions of Americans are walking around with deposits in their coronary arteries that do not obstruct blood flow to their hearts - at least, not until a piece of the plaque ruptures and forms a blood clot, causing a heart attack.These plaques are signs...

    • Celiac Disease, a Common, but Elusive, Diagnosis

      The trouble for Daniel Tully, then 12 and an excellent student and athlete in New York, began 20 months ago, when he developed what seemed like a virus that kept recurring, each time sending him to bed and keeping him from school for a week.In ...

    • Beating the Risk of Diabetes

      This year, nearly 2 million American adults and more than 5,000 children and adolescents will learn they have a potentially devastating, life-shortening, yet largely preventable disease: Type 2 diabetes. They will join 29.1 million Americans who have...

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