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    • Indian Council of Medical Research Will Implement UN Standards On Clinical Trials

      The signatories to the statement also agreed to monitor compliance with registration requirements and to endorse the development of systems to monitor results reporting.

    • 1 in 5 Teens Lose Sleep Over Social Media: Study

      One in five teens regularly lose sleep over social media, waking up in the middle of the night to send or check messages on social media. This makes them three times more likely to feel constantly tired at school in comparison to their peers who ...

    • Diabetes May Shorten Life by 9 Years: Study

      People diagnosed with diabetes may lose up to 9 years of their life on average, according to a new study in China. The study warns that this is mainly due to inadequate treatment, and particularly in rural areas.

    • Drinking a Cup of Coffee Daily May Help You Live Longer

      Coffee lovers, we've got good news for you! A new study claims that drinking a cup of coffee everyday may help you live longer than those who don't drink coffee.

    • Don't Text or Talk While Exercising, Leave Your Phone at Home

      Leave your phone at home, or at least turn it off, if you want to benefit from your workout. According to a new study, talking or texting on a smartphone while exercising and working up a sweat reduces the intensity of a workout and in ...

    • Sunbeds May Increase Risk of Deadly Skin Cancer

      Sunbeds which are used in indoor tanning sessions, may increase put people at a higher risk of melanoma. A new study warns that melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. In the last decade, melanoma has the strongest increase in incidence and the ...

    • Low-Calorie Sweeteners Consumption up by 200 Percent in US Kids

      Consumption of foods and beverages containing low-calorie sweeteners has increased by 200 per cent between 1999 to 2012 among US kids, a new study has warned.

    • India to Have Sufficient Sugar: No Plans to Cut Import Duty

      The government does not have any immediate plans to cut import duty on sugar as the country would have sufficient supply of the sweetener considering fall in consumption this year and a likely bumper crop next year.

    • Air Quality in January Relatively Better than Last Year: SAFAR

      Residents of the national capital have breathed "relatively better" quality air this season so far compared to last year.

    • Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo Launched

      Leading chocolate and confectionery maker Mondelez India has launched Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo in the premium category.

    • Starch in Bananas, Potatoes, Grains Beneficial for Health

      Resistant starch, which occurs naturally in foods such as bananas, potatoes, grains and legumes, may benefit your health by aiding blood sugar control, supporting gut health and enhancing satiety, new research has claimed.

    • Grilled Meat Ups Mortality Risk Among Breast Cancer Survivors

      Higher consumption of grilled, barbecued and smoked meat may increase the mortality risk among breast cancer survivors, a new study has warned.

    • Wai Wai Noodles to Invest Rs 250 Crore to Open QSRs in India

      Nepal's CG Foods, makers of the popular Wai Wai noodles, plans to invest Rs 250 crore in India to open quick service restaurants (QSRs) in next 5 years.

    • 'Workplace Cake Culture' May Fuel Obesity Risk: Experts

      Sharing sweet treats at workplace may be contributing to several health problems such as obesity and poor oral hygiene, experts in the UK have warned.

    • Sugar-Free Drinks Do Not Help In Weight Loss: Study

      There is no evidence that sugar-free and "diet" drinks help in weight loss as is generally believed and may actually have "detrimental impacts" on health and environment, according to a new research released today.

    • Majority Of World Population 'Overfat': Study

      An astonishing 5.5 billion people - up to 76 per cent of the world's population - are 'overfat', warn researchers.

    • Service Charges On Food Bills Legal, Not Unfair Trade: FHRAI

      A day after government clarified that service charges on food bills in hotels and restaurants are not compulsory, apex hospitality industry body FHRAI today contended that it is legal, not an unfair trade practice and each establishment is free to evolve policy in this regard.

    • FSSAI Seeks Public Comment On Regulation Of Food Fortification

      Food regulator FSSAI has sought public comments on draft standards for fortification of seven food items - salt, oil, milk, vanaspati, atta, maida and rice.

    • Extra Dietary Zinc May Reduce DNA Damage: Study

      A modest increase in dietary zinc - equivalent to four milligrammes per day - may reduce oxidative stress and 'wear and tear' to DNA, a new study has claimed.

    • Domestic Demand to Keep Sugar Prices at High Levels: ICRA

      Sugar prices are expected to remain firm in the near term due to tight stock position following 9 per cent decline in production and steady growth in consumption, rating agency ICRA said today.

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