Words By Romy Ash; Recipe By Sarah Trotter And Romy Ash


Content by Words By Romy Ash; Recipe By Sarah Trotter And Romy Ash

    • Season's Eatings: Blood Orange Rice Pudding

      These last nights of winter demand this zesty, creamy dessert. As well as being delicious, the blood orange will help keep colds at bay.

    • Season's Eating: Broccoli Pesto

      Broccoli, whether sourced from the frosty garden bed or the chilly winter marketplace, makes for an incredible green alternative to out-of-season basil.

    • Season's Eating: Fresh Turmeric and Chicken Curry

      The root of the turmeric is earthier than its yellow ground cousin and the taste more complex. Combine with ginger for a fantastic chicken curry.

    • Season's Eating: Pickled Red Cabbage

      While known as a humble vegetable, the cabbage in season looks opulent and lavish. When you pickle it, a deep, savoury richness comes out.

    • Season's Eating: Brined Green Olives

      Preparing olives, then waiting for five months before eating in the spring, is a perfect example of slow food and great for the lazy, but patient, preserver.

    • Season's Eating: Roast Chicken with Grapes

      As the table grape season comes to an end, celebrate one of the oldest cultivated foods with this succulent roast chicken recipe.

    • Season's Eatings: Plum Cake

      A truly juicy fruit, all plums even the tart are delicious to eat straight from the tree, but come alive in baking.

    • Season's Eating: Grenadine and a Tequila Sunset Recipe

      A tequila sunset, using homemade grenadine is sweet, but balanced with the acidity of the grapefruit. It packs a punch when combined with tequila.

    • Season's Eatings: Vanilla Stewed Apricots with Crumpets Recipe

      Fluffy crumpets are best to capture the juices of tart stewed apricots and fresh ricotta.

    • Season's Eatings: Papaya Salsa with Red Snapper Recipe

      This tropical fruit is the perfect accompaniment to succulent snapper, barramundi or even prawns.

    • Season's Eating: Zucchini and Dill Fritters Recipe

      Stuffed with cheese, battered and fried there are many ways to cook delicious, in-season zucchini.

    • Season's Eatings: Roast Garlic

      Forget the Chinese garlic from the supermarket, Australian garlic found in season at farmers' markets is great for roastingNew season garlic can be found in Victorian farmers markets this month, with their lime green scapes, their purple bulbs - depending...

    • Season's Eatings: Spring Honey Cake

      Baked with local honey for extra flower power, the damp crumb and caramelised crust of this humble cake will win your heartHoney is one of (perhaps the only) food that never goes off - in that regard, it is beyond seasonality and can be stored ...

    • Season's Eatings: Baked Rhubarb

      Celebrate the arrival of spring with perky crimson rhubarb. Roast it into tender batons and fill your kitchen with a sweet orange scentRhubarb is available all year round, as it grows well in a hot house, and can be "forced" (a process by which the ...

    • Season's Eatings: Lemon Sponge and Candied Lemons

      Make a big batch of candied lemons, ideally from trees grown in your neighbourhood, and put them on top of this splendid cakeI always have lemons in the house. I want a full bowl all year round, as they are an ingredient I use almost ...

    • Season's Eatings: Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

      Hazelnuts are at their sweetest right now. Crack them open, roast them, rub off the skins and then make this sublime spread for breakfast I don't often think of nuts having a specific season. They are so readily available all year around, roasted, salted,...

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