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  • Chhanar Bora (Bengali-Style Chenna Fritters)

    Chhanar Bora or Chenna fritters is a bengali style recipe which is made from cheese curd. You can either have as it is or add it like kofta in a mildly spiced tomato-cumin-ginger curry.

  • Fennel Scented Sweet Banana Fritters

    About Fennel Scented Sweet Banana Fritters Recipe: Have a delightful evening snacking along with a cup of tea with a sumptuous plate of these sweet fritters made of wheat flour, banana, jaggery and fennel seeds.

  • Squash Leaves Fritters with Chilli Raindrops

    About Squash Leaves Fritters with Chilli Raindrops Recipe: Squash leaves are broad, kidney bean-shaped leaves, which when cooked has a spinach-like flavour. These are available all-year round. Squash leaves are commonly grow on the winter ...

  • Gaith Dal Fritters With Himalayan Chutney

    The perfect snack recipe for every occasion, these dal fritters accompanied with Himalyan chutney are delicious, filling and makes for a great tea-time evening snacks. You could also serve these during the festive season around and ...

  • Apple Fritters

    The perfect dessert to satisfy your sugar cravings. Crisp, deep-fried apple slices wrapped in batter, sprinkled with sugar and served hot.

  • Baby Corn Fritters

    Baby corn and fish cubes coated in a flour based batter and fried crisp. So good, we bet you won't be able to keep your hands off these crisp bites!

  • Baked Mushroom and Lentils Fritters

    Winner of the weekly Guilt Free contest makes a batch of mouth watering fritters with the goodness of masoor dal and mushrooms. These lovely fritters are baked, not fried. They are extremely healthy and also ...

  • Chickpea Fritters

    Thick and smooth pancakes made with gram flour and layered with a veggie-chickpea mixture.

  • Corn Fritters with Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce

    About Corn Fritters with Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce Recipe: A snack the kids will love, corn fritters, is the perfect after school munch and it's delicious. Fried corn delights served with a tangy roasted bell ...

  • Calamari Fritters

    Squid rings coated in a flour based batter and deep fried. Served these crispy fritters with chilli mayo and tomato sauce.

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