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  • cabbage poriyal hindi

    छुट्टी वाले दिन अगर आप अपने घर वालों के लिए कुछ स्पेशल बनाने की सोच रहे हैं, तो हम आपको बता दें कि इस दिन आप पत्तागोभी, दाल और नारियल को एक साथ बनाकर उन्हें ...

  • thai soyabean in cabbage cups hindi

    यह एक वेजिटेरियन डिश है, जिसमें फैट कम है और फ्लेवर से भरपूर है। यह थाई सोया बीन सलाद, अकुंरित दाल के साथ ट्राई करें। मिर्च का तड़का इसमें असली स्वाद को जगा देगा। सब्जियों ...

  • steamed chinese cabbage parcels hindi

    उबली हुई पत्तागोभी भरे पार्सल में आप चिकन कीमा भी भर सकते हैं। जिन्हें भाप में पकाकर अपनी पसंदीदा सॉस के साथ सर्व कर सकते हैं।

  • meaty cabbage rolls hindi

    मीटी पत्तागोभी रोल्स में बंदगोभी के साथ आपको खाने में हरे प्याज का भी बेहतरीन स्वाद आएगा। इसे लैंब के मिक्सचर में मिली पत्तागोभी को स्टॉक में डालकर पकाया जाता है। नॉनवेज खाने वालों को इसका ...

  • cabbage kofta hindi

    कसी हुई पत्तागोभी, जिसे मसालों में मिलाकर, बॉल के रूप में तैयार किया जाता है। इसके बाद इन्हें डीप फ्राई किया जाता है। आप फ्राई करने के बाद इसे ड्राई फ्रूट, टमाटर, दही और मसालों ...

  • cabbage stuffed paratha hindi

    पत्तागोभी स्टफ्ड परांठा रेासिपी : आलू और गोभी के परांठे तो आपने कई बार खाए होंगे लेकिन क्या आपने पत्तागोभी स्टफ्ड परांठे का स्वाद चखा है अगर नहीं तो देर किस बात की। ...

  • Cabbage Rolls

    Delicious cabbage leaf parcels stuffed with soft spinach and baked till it's perfectly cooked and crispy.

  • Muttakos Poriyal

    A light and easy vegetarian specialty from South India. Cabbage cooked with dhuli urad, chaana dal, mustard seeds and coconut.

  • Achaar Wala Paneer

    A quick and easy paneer recipe with shredded cabbage and achaari flavors.

  • Cabbage Stuffed Paratha

    About Cabbage Stuffed Paratha Recipe: One of those dishes that you can cook under 30 minutes, parathas are quite a saviour on days when unexpected guests arrive. A delicious part and parcel of an Indian ...

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    Learn here how to chop cabbage or shredding the cabbage, cabbage may not enjoy the best of reputation, especially amongst children, but is in fact one of the healthiest additions to your diet.

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    Cabbage is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Try the new health tonic now - cabbage juice, which can benefit your body in many ways, from weight loss to glowing skin.

  • 4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cabbage That You Must Know

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  • 10 Best Cabbage Recipes

    Here are our 10 best cabbage recipes, delicious ways to cook with cabbage, as well as tips to buy and store cabbage. From coleslaw to kimchi, the world has succeeded in experimenting with this humble ...

  • Cabbage Soup for Clear and Flawless Skin

    Your skin's luster, tone and vibrancy are intimately related to what you eat, as your skin cells are in constant turnover and regenerate every month.

  • Season's Eating: Pickled Red Cabbage

    While known as a humble vegetable, the cabbage in season looks opulent and lavish. When you pickle it, a deep, savoury richness comes out.

  • Cabbage Compound Protects Against Radiation

    A compound derived from cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli may protect against harmful effects of radiation during cancer therapy, scientists have found.Georgetown University Medical Center researchers found the compound,...

  • Nigel Slater's Sausage Cabbage Fry Recipe

    Whip up a quick meal that includes some greens.The recipe Cut three thick, meaty sausages into short fat chunks, add a little oil to a frying pan or wok and add the sausage, letting it ...

  • Making Cabbage Cool Again With Two Hot Recipes

    It's not a popular vegetable today, but it is a vegetable that does draw the curious cook.

  • The Autumn Diet: All That You Need to Stock Up

    Beware of hogging on your favourite delights despite the temptation to do so before the winter sets in.Izzy Cameron, nutrition and weight management specialist at Diet Chef, an online business that delivers calorie counted meals, ...