7 Best Guilt-Free Meal Ideas For Your Next Cheat Meal

Turn your cheat day into a treat day by opting for healthier alternatives of your favourite junk foods, without compromising on health and taste.

Aryushi Srivastava  |  Updated: July 10, 2019 13:50 IST

7 Best Guilt-Free Meal Ideas For Your Next Cheat Meal

Healthy cheat meal ideas that are not only pleasing to the palate but also low in calories.

  • Cheat meals should be both satiating and healthy
  • Opt for healthier alternatives of your favourite unhealthy delights
  • Make your cheat meal a real treat for both your taste buds and health

Following a restricted diet and a strict workout regime at the same time is not an easy feat. In order to keep yourself motivated and to break the monotony, it is okay to indulge in cheat meals once in a while. Taking a short break from the strict diet schedule once a week doesn't mean you're wrecking the entire weight loss or fitness regime. However, most people consider cheat meals as a ticket to gorge on anything that comes their way and that is where they make a blunder! It is very important to plan your cheat meal mindfully. Cheat meals should be both satiating and healthy. A calorie-laden cheat meal may end doing more harm than good to your body. While rewarding yourself with a cheat meal, make sure you don't over-indulge as it may ruin your healthy regime and leave you regretful. You can make your cheat meals a real treat for both your taste buds and health. How you ask? You can do so by opting for healthier alternatives of your favourite junk foods, that too, without compromising on taste and health.

We have listed 7 healthy cheat meal ideas that are not only pleasing to the palate but also low in calories:

1.Replace Potato Fries With Sweet Potato Or Zucchini Fries

Fries are loved and relished by kids and adults alike, but they are loaded with calories and quite greasy at the same time. If you wish to indulge in fries, you can consider a healthy substitute for regular potato fries. Swap regular potato fries with sweet potato or zucchini fries. You may also experiment with carrots and turn them into delectable fries. To save on the calorie content, avoid deep-frying, and consider baking them.

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sweet potato friesSweet potatoes are rich in essential nutrients

2.Replace Chips With Kale Or Ragi Chips

Instead of gorging on greasy potato chips, you may consider having baked kale or ragi chips as part of your cheat meal. You can pair these healthy chips along with some filling and satiating sandwiches.

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sn2a693gCrispy kale chips that are quite delicious and healthy

3.Swap Regular Chocolate With Dark Chocolate

Comparatively low in calories and high in nutrients than the regular milk chocolate, dark chocolate is quite versatile. You can add it to your muffins, cakes, smoothies, shakes, and health bars etc. to enjoy the goodness of this delight as your cheat meal.

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22k74l28Dark Chocolate contains antioxidants

4.Replace Ice-Cream With Frozen Greek Yogurt


There is no denying the fact that ice-creams are incredibly delicious and are perfect to savour during the sweltering heat. However, on a restricted diet, ice-creams are strict no-no due to their high sugar and calorie content. But when you're indulging in your cheat meal, you can opt for a similar yet healthier substitute to ice cream, which is frozen Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt is comparatively low in both fats and calories than the regular ice-creams and is also loaded with essential nutrients.

greek yogurtGreek yogurt is low in calories and high in taste

5. Replace High-Calorie Cakes With Banana Or Gingerbread.

You can replace regular cakes and pastries with banana bread or gingerbread as it is made using whole wheat flour and is comparatively low in fat and calorie content than the other flours. Banana and gingerbread are equally rich in flavour, texture, and appearance, which makes them a perfect guilt-free treat. 

vdnja53oDelectable banana bread that is easy to make at home

6. Make You Chaats Rich In Protein

Chaat is classic Indian street food, which has been relished all across the country since time immemorial. Spicy, tangy, flavoursome chaats are quite irresistible. On your cheat day, you can opt for healthy chaat options. For instance, you can prepare a chaat using Kabuli chana (chickpeas), which is not only protein-packed but equally delicious as well.

chana chaatProtein-packed chana chaat


7. Swap Regular Cookies With Ragi Cookies

When you are on a restricted diet regime, you can skip calorie-loaded cookies and opt for ragi cookies instead as they loaded with health-benefiting properties. Ragi, being a gluten-free cereal, is just a perfect ingredient to make healthy cookies.

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ragi cookiesRagi cookies are incredibly delicious

Tips For Indulging In A Healthy Cheat Meal:

1. Don't Over-Indulge

Avoid turning your cheat meal into a cheat day, as it will only be disastrous for your health regime. Indulge in your cravings mindfully.

2.Portion Control

One must practice portion control as an excess of anything can cause harm to the body.

3. Choose Wisely

A cheat meal is something which should comprise your most favourite dish. Don't forget to remind yourself time and again that you cannot ruin your regular health regime in the name of having cheat meals. So try to opt for healthy alternatives to your favourite unhealthy delights.

Now that we have shared with you some interesting and healthy cheat meal ideas, turn your cheat day into a treat day by combining both health and taste.


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