5 Best Low Carb Recipes | Easy Low Carb Recipes

Best Low Carb Recipes- Find here a list of low carb recipes that you can prepare at home. From broccoli stew, stuffed lauki to eggplant salad, here we have a step by step process and key ingredients of it all.

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: April 18, 2019 18:05 IST

5 Best Low Carb Recipes | Easy Low Carb Recipes

Best Low Carb Recipes- A healthy body is key to healthy life and by healthy body we don't mean a petite physique but one that is free of deficiencies and diseases and full with all the nutritional requirements. An optimal balance of all the nutrients - proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals - is necessary for your body to function in a healthy way, while lack of anything or even abundance of any of these can lead to issues with the normal functioning of the body.

A diet that is low in salt and sugar and rich in nutrients is ideal for a healthy body and mind. However, with the weight-loss trend that has taken over the world, demands a low carb diet that is rich in protein. Carbohydrates are one of the three most essential macronutrients required by our body, and we need to pay attention to quantity and quality of carbs that we consume on a daily basis since an increased consumption of carbs can lead to a risk of several illnesses. Refined flour and sugar are simple carbs that can cause sudden rise in the blood sugar levels, which isn't good for the metabolism of your body.

From weight loss to a low-sugar diet, there can be multiple reasons to opt for a diet that is low on carbs. While a typical Indian diet is packed with carbohydrates, we must ensure a balance of protein and carbs instead of loading up on just one. Bangalore-based nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood explains "There must be a balance of two components in our diet- complex carbs and proteins. Complex carbs have a low quantum of sugar and are rich in fibre. Increasing the intake of these types of carbohydrates is advisable for weight loss. If you couple them with some protein source it will make the meal all the more wholesome and nutritious." It might be a tough call to choose what to eat in order to maintain a low-carb diet since all our body types and body goals are different than the other and demand a separate diet plan for each. However, there are certain foods that we can eat to ensure an increased consumption of proteins than carbs on a daily basis.

Here Is A List Of 5 Low Carb Recipes That You Can Prepare At Home:

1. Stuffed Lauki

Lauki, or bottle gourd, originally has a neutral flavour on the palate and is a super versatile veggie to cook. You can prepare this with an eclectic range of spices and other Indian condiments to prepare a host of delectable dishes. Lauki is known to have medicinal properties besides having 90% water content. Here is a delicious stuffed lauki recipe that is low on carbs, made with blanched bottle gourd, marinated in lime, stuffed with cottage cheese and baked to perfection.

stuffed lauki
Bottle gourd is one of those green veggies which is not loved by many but with this interesting twist you are sure create a few fans.

2. Lettuce Wrapped Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is an excellent low carb food that has numerous benefits to its credit. It is high on protein and versatile enough to prepare a range of mouth-watering delicacies. Here is a cottage cheese recipe with high protein, low carb food - lettuce, which further enhances the nutritional content of this dish. Lettuce wrapped cottage cheese is a great low carb snack or lunch idea that you can prepare easily at home.

g9d2ifl8Delectable cottage cheese mixture wrapped in a lettuce leaf and served with steamed rice.

3. Broccoli Stew

Broccoli is known to be a powerhouse of nutrients that you must include in your diet for many reasons. Besides being low carb, it is rich in fibre, folate, vitamin C, K and A. This recipe of broccoli stew is a heavenly combination of broccoli and coconut milk and works perfectly as a light, healthy and fuss-free option for lunch or dinner.

veg stew
Perfect for cold evenings, make this healthy and fuss-free broccoli stew for dinner!

4. Chicken Ball and Spinach Soup

A soup is always a good idea when you want to go light yet filling. A protein-rich chicken along with green leafy, low carb spinach would work wonders if you are losing weight. Packed with healthy veggies and a tang of lime, this low carb soup recipe is ideal for a chilly winter evening.

A subtle tasting and low fat soup.

5. Eggplant Salad

Just like every other list of healthy recipes, this list too can't end without a salad recipe. But if the salad is way too delicious and packed with sweet and spicy flavours of soya sauce and chillies, we won't complain! Eggplant chunks boiled and garnished with a tantalising dressing of vinegar, soya sauce and garlic, makes for a perfect bowl for lunch.

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Bite sized pieces of eggplant boiled and dressed in soya sauce, vinegar and garlic.

With these amazing low carb recipes to try, eating healthy wouldn't look like a boring deal to begin with.


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