• Restaurant Review: The Biker's Cafe

    IANS , New Delhi, July 18, 2013 12:30 IST

    With chairs made up of real bike seats and suspensions, and a menu which borrows inspiration from motorcycle jargon and the road, capital-based The Biker's Cafe, truly looks like a biker's delight.It ...
  • Savour Global Cuisine With Desi Flavour at Haute Saute Cafe

    IANS , New Delhi, July 16, 2013 12:36 IST

    Soothing music, dim lights, mouth-watering delicacies and good company - what else could one ask for after a hectic day at work? Located in Greater Kailash, Haute Saute Cafe, is truly a ...
  • In Search of the Perfect Burger

    Marina O'Loughlin ,, July 10, 2013 10:59 IST

    A good burger is a thing of beauty. As two cult chains open in London, we ask if the new imports are any better than what's already on offer.What seems like a ...
  • Dilli di Galiyaan, Dilli da Khaana!

    Nishtha Asrani , NDTV, June 01, 2013 11:23 IST

    'Yaar tune yahan ka samosa nahi khaaya?''WHAT? You've never had kulfi from this place?''You've never been to that XYZ paranthe wala and you still call yourself a Delhiite? Shame!'These are the things ...
  • Garage.Inc: Ideal for Non-Vegetarians, American Cuisine Lovers

    IANS , New Delhi, May 28, 2013 13:44 IST

    One may not be open to the idea of waking up and comfortably strolling inside a restaurants in pajamas, but Garage Inc. Restaurants expect you to do exactly that! Completely chilled out, ...
  • Review: Thirty Nine, Hauz Khas

    IANS , New Delhi, May 22, 2013 15:36 IST

    Indian chefs often experiment with the recipes and ingredients, true! But a spicy and crispy 'Crab Samosa' served with mango chutney is something that would surely make you think about the level ...
  • At Italia, Relish Authentic North Italian Cuisine

    IANS , New Delhi, May 13, 2013 18:25 IST

    Italian cuisine is not just about pizzas and pastas, it offers a wide range of food - from salads and spicy appetizers to soups and curries.Keen to try out other varieties, then ...
  • There's Much to Recall at Kolkata's Feluda Coffee Shop

    IANS , Kolkata, May 13, 2013 17:47 IST

    Fans of ace detective Feluda, created by legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray, can now enjoy an array of snacks and beverages named after characters in the series, courtesy a coffee shop themed on ...
  • Now a Restaurant Inspired by Amsterdam's Red Light District

    IANS , New Delhi, May 13, 2013 17:39 IST

    Amsterdam Kitchen and Bar, a newly opened restaurant here, has taken inspiration from Amsterdam's De Wallen area that is considered as "the most famous red-light district in the world".Located at South court ...
  • Juicy Kebabs From Morocco on Your Platter

    IANS , New Delhi, April 22, 2013 14:48 IST

    Are you a kebab freak and do you love exploring kebabs from different regions? Then Zerzura is the place for you, offering authentic juicy kebabs from the Middle-East and Morocco on your ...
  • Speakeasy, a Place to De-Stress Yourself

    IANS , New Delhi, April 15, 2013 16:58 IST

    After a hectic day at work, dropping at noisy bars doesn't seem to be a great idea. This is where Speakeasy bar and lounge, a neighbourhood kind of place, comes in.Set up ...
  • At Paatra, Feast While you Fast

    IANS , New Delhi, April 15, 2013 15:46 IST

    From mouth-watering Tapioca pudding (Sabudaane ki kheer) and hot and peppery cottage cheese prepared with varied spices to fried buckwheat dumplings -- one can choose from all these delectable delicacies at Paatra ...
  • Sujata Mastani

    Mid-day , Pune, April 10, 2013 14:37 IST

    A slice of the city that misses the eye.
  • Monkey With the Cheap Booze

    Mid-day , Mumbai, April 05, 2013 11:55 IST

    The Guide heads out to check out the recently-opened Drunken Munkey to see if it meets the tight competition in the crowded suburb of Andheri.
  • Juhu Beach Club restaurant in California

    Mid-day , Mumbai, April 03, 2013 15:05 IST

    Celebrity American chef Preeti Mistry talks about how her Indian restaurant that serves vada pav, Bombay sandwich, sassy lassi and Limca among other items, is doing great business in Okaland, California...
  • Rare, but Well-Done

    Mid-day , Mumbai, April 03, 2013 13:44 IST

    Vegetarian steaks now feature on the menus of select gourmet restaurants in the city. Sonal Ved taps the trend....Imagine an angel suddenly sweeping down out of a better land and setting before ...
  • Late Night Bites

    Mid-day , Mumbai, March 04, 2013 11:28 IST

    Hungry after the clock has struck midnight, but all you learnt at cooking school was how to make maggi? Fear not, help is just a call away from your new 2 am ...
  • Mumbai's Largest Food Portions

    Mid-day , Mumbai, February 21, 2013 17:48 IST

    Moeena Halim goes sniffing out restaurants in Mumbai that serve plus sized burgers, biryani in a bucket and metre-long pizzas -- large enough to be shared by a gang of hungry diners.Mumbai ...
  • Made in Japan

    Mid-Day , Mumbai, February 09, 2013 15:06 IST

    Aoi, Bandra's new Japanese cuisine restaurant, comes as a breath of fresh air amid over-hyped specialty restaurants. It's a tribute to the Land of the Rising Sun, complete with authentic flavours and ...
  • Are you Being Served?

    Mid-day , Mumbai, January 19, 2013 12:45 IST

    Last week, Mumbai got its first taste of Seva Cafe. Guests ate food cooked by volunteers, paid for in advance by previous guests. Inspired by the pay-it-forward ideology, it will be a ...