• Sujata Mastani

    Mid-day , Pune, April 10, 2013 14:37 IST

    A slice of the city that misses the eye.
  • Monkey With the Cheap Booze

    Mid-day , Mumbai, April 05, 2013 11:55 IST

    The Guide heads out to check out the recently-opened Drunken Munkey to see if it meets the tight competition in the crowded suburb of Andheri.
  • Juhu Beach Club restaurant in California

    Mid-day , Mumbai, April 03, 2013 15:05 IST

    Celebrity American chef Preeti Mistry talks about how her Indian restaurant that serves vada pav, Bombay sandwich, sassy lassi and Limca among other items, is doing great business in Okaland, California...
  • Rare, but Well-Done

    Mid-day , Mumbai, April 03, 2013 13:44 IST

    Vegetarian steaks now feature on the menus of select gourmet restaurants in the city. Sonal Ved taps the trend....Imagine an angel suddenly sweeping down out of a better land and setting before ...
  • Late Night Bites

    Mid-day , Mumbai, March 04, 2013 11:28 IST

    Hungry after the clock has struck midnight, but all you learnt at cooking school was how to make maggi? Fear not, help is just a call away from your new 2 am ...
  • Mumbai's Largest Food Portions

    Mid-day , Mumbai, February 21, 2013 17:48 IST

    Moeena Halim goes sniffing out restaurants in Mumbai that serve plus sized burgers, biryani in a bucket and metre-long pizzas -- large enough to be shared by a gang of hungry diners.Mumbai ...
  • Made in Japan

    Mid-day , Mumbai, February 09, 2013 15:06 IST

    Aoi, Bandra's new Japanese cuisine restaurant, comes as a breath of fresh air amid over-hyped specialty restaurants. It's a tribute to the Land of the Rising Sun, complete with authentic flavours and ...
  • Are you Being Served?

    Mid-day , Mumbai, January 19, 2013 12:45 IST

    Last week, Mumbai got its first taste of Seva Cafe. Guests ate food cooked by volunteers, paid for in advance by previous guests. Inspired by the pay-it-forward ideology, it will be a ...
  • Dig Into Green Delights

    Mid-day , Pune, January 15, 2013 13:24 IST

    The newly-opened Green Fields at Kalyani Nagar offers affordably priced and tasty fast food that might give their competitors a run for their moneyKalyani Nagar seems to be the hotspot for new ...
  • Pizza in Your Face

    Mid-day , Mumbai, January 09, 2013 11:59 IST

    Work up an appetite as you watch your pizza take form at Oshiwara's newest destination, Pizza Craft, thanks to its open kitchen.Pizza Craft is a tiny, blink-and-you-miss pizza space in Oshiwara ends ...
  • Live to Eat, the Viva Way

    Mid-day , Mumbai, January 04, 2013 17:42 IST

    Despite its small space and limited seating, Bandra's Viva Junction offers plenty of choice for those in search of tasty, snacky delights, on the move.Viva Junction is a tiny joint located in ...
  • Cupcake Paradise

    Mid-day , Mumbai, January 02, 2013 12:09 IST

    The desserts at the new store on Carter Road make delicious punctuation points, even in the gloomiest afternoons.A really good cup cake is always appropriate. As a simple snack with a light ...
  • Pizza Perfect

    Mid-day , Mumbai, January 02, 2013 11:50 IST

    Polished service, authentic pizzas and terrific desserts, Colaba's Pizza Express serves it right; the ideal year-ender treat for Mumbai's foodies.Writing a bad review is easier because the expressions of the unpleasant are ...
  • Flavour of the Season

    Mid-day , Mumbai, January 02, 2013 11:41 IST

    Another yoghurt destination, another lineup of delightful flavours, Flavours 24 tempts you to fall victim to the sweet lobby and break all your healthy New Year resolutions.As the New Year kicks in, ...
  • What's New in Town - Maddox

    Agencies , December 31, 2012 13:55 IST

    The DecorA cafe, club and a lounge located at Greater Kailash Market, spread over 2400 sq feet area. Wooden floors, low seated couches with warm white lights make up the interiors. The ...
  • What's New in Town - China Doll

    Agencies , December 27, 2012 13:22 IST

    They say, China Doll offers traditional Chinese cuisine from various parts of the country. Hunan cuisine with a history of more than 2,100 years from Xiangjiang River Valley represented by Changsha finds ...
  • Scoop the Basics Right, Please!

    Mid-day , Mumbai, December 11, 2012 10:45 IST

    At Indigo Deli's new ice cream station, the sundaes are fabulous but the service and the essential ice creams are disappointing.No idea seems more comforting than a late winter night drive to ...
  • Bake Box -The Cure For Indian Cake-a-Holics

    Agencies , December 03, 2012 17:16 IST

    Bake Box was launched in august 2012 to serve cake-a-holics in Delhi. Featuring one exceptional and upcoming home baker every month, Bake Box sends out home-delivered Bake Boxes full of delicious treats ...
  • Sevilla, The Claridges

    Agencies , December 03, 2012 15:41 IST

    Sevilla has impressed many, and its beautiful ambiance is one of the recurring reasons. As for the name and the concept, the official website explains - "named after Seville, the artistic and ...
  • The Arctic Grill

    Mid-day , Pune, December 03, 2012 14:34 IST

    The latest eatery to open at Kalyani Nagar, Pune boasts of unlimited seafood specialty barbecues.With a name like Arctic, you don't immediately associate the new eatery at Kalyani Nagar with seafood or ...