• Bong Bang On!

    Mid-day , Mumbai, November 22, 2012 10:59 IST

    In the sophisticated new Bengali restaurant in Bandra, fried Bhetki doesn't drip oil, the mustard doesn't burn your palate, and the dessert is not sickeningly sweet.Help is finally at hand for connoisseurs ...
  • Say Cheers the Irish Way

    Mid-day , November 19, 2012 15:38 IST

    Phoenix's latest entrant, Irish House, is high on vibe but low on food options.The newly opened Irish pub, Irish House, came with connotations of being old and wooden. With heavy, bearded beer ...
  • Meat Matters in Bandra

    Mid-day , Mumbai, November 06, 2012 13:09 IST

    Meating Joint Imbiss not only offers a break from the frills and fancies of Bandra's eateries but is also great for German-inspired, Indian Christian-laced cuisine. (Pic/Sunil Tiwari)Meat eaters rejoice...
  • Dosa-Avatar

    Mid-day , Mumbai, November 03, 2012 14:39 IST

    Plato once said art is an imitation of an imitation. Sonal Ved finds a common link between crepes in France, injera in Ethopia, pancakes in America, blinis in Russia and dosas in ...
  • Perfetto! Italian and Loving It

    Mid-day , Mumbai, November 03, 2012 14:13 IST

    The food at Serafina is stunning, but the pricing leaves a bitter aftertaste.
  • The Gravy Yard Shift.

    Mid-day , Mumbai, October 23, 2012 15:36 IST

    Delhi Zaika, the new eatery in Mumbra, may boast of a spooky address opposite a cemetery but its range of delectable-yet-inexpensive fare makes it well worth the visit, especially for meat lovers ...
  • A Peek Into 'The Pantry'

    Mid-day , Mumbai, October 17, 2012 17:16 IST

    Kala Ghoda's new all-day cafe, The Pantry, serves delicious food at not-so- exorbitant rates.We walk into the pretty pastel-shaded cafe and instantly feel happier. And, it isn't just because we finally have ...
  • This Yogurt's Here to Stay

    Mid-day , Mumbai, October 17, 2012 16:54 IST

    Yet another yogurt place? Sunday Midday digs into a bowl of what promises to be a 'best than the rest' frozen yogurt cafe, Yogos, to find out if it really is that.Adding ...
  • Beachcombed

    Mid-day , Mumbai, October 08, 2012 14:03 IST

    Beachcomber the new bar at Sun n Sand Hotel is a welcome change to Juhu's monotonous hangouts.I'll have just a drink or two," my friend, who I dragged for the review of ...
  • Desi Twist in the Menu

    Mid-day , Pune, September 25, 2012 14:57 IST

    Hard Rock Cafe is ready with a new menu that features authentic Indian curries as well as innovative fusion delights, tempting desserts and American staples.The All American spread has gone under a ...
  • Bird of a Different Feather.

    Mid-day , Mumbai, September 12, 2012 10:25 IST

    Bandra's iconic Irani cafe, Good Luck, has started serving emu kheema. Excited to taste the new bird in town, we set off to sample their with-a-twist kheema-pav.Barely two minutes after we took ...
  • Pint of View

    Mid-day , August 17, 2012 15:37 IST

    The Pint Room positions itself as a one-stop space for beer lovers, and lives up to its name by offering a staggering range of Indian and international lagers. However, it needs to ...
  • Review of: Chez Nini, Mehar Chand Market, New Delhi

    Sid Khullar , August 01, 2012 16:16 IST

    Flavorless food that doesn't excite anything other than peristaltic movement combined with dour, ineffective service and high prices ensure Chez Nini will continue on top of the charts among Delhi's glitterati for ...
  • No Smoke Without Fire

    Seema Chandra , Food Editor, NDTV, June 16, 2011 15:52 IST

    I am normally prone to being quite liberal and forgiving in my views about the world at large.  And that sentiment extends to restaurant food too. If a meal is below par, ...
  • Gunpowder: Where Delhi Goes For Good Food

    Seema Chandra , Food Editor, NDTV, May 05, 2011 14:49 IST

    Every once in a while an evening turns out to be so good that you wish you could replicate it, and yet you know that's easier said than done.

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