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  • Chocolate Mug Cake

    About Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe: Sudden craving for a chocolate cake can take place anytime, so what could be better than making this quick and decadent chocolate mug cake in your microwave. This rich little ...

  • Low Calorie Microwave Dhokla

    About Low Calorie Microwave Dhokla Recipe | Dhokla Recipe: The most popular Gujarati snack, Dhokla is not just a favourite in India but is much loved in different countries as well. The light yet filling ...

  • Quick Brownie

    About Quick Brownie Recipe: Not just is it Eggless, but too quick to believe and too delicious to resist. And no, it does not require too much time or energy, just two minutes and you ...

  • Microwave Lal Murgh

    About Microwave Lal Murgh Recipe: Marinated chicken pieces that ooze out a hot of spices are grilled to perfection.

  • Microwave Besan Kadhi Pindi Style

    About Microwave Besan Kadhi Pindi Style Recipe: An interesting version of the conventional Kadhi, this one has added vegetables.

  • Microwave Machchli Biryani

    Simmered pieces of spicy fish layered with rice. This fish biryani will certainly crown your dinner party the best one!

  • Microwave Gobhi Dahiwala

    About Microwave Gobhi Dahiwala Recipe: The conventional cauliflower gets spiced up when meeting with yoghurt and a dash of spices. Do not skip trying this interesting mix!

  • Microwave Chocolate Fudge

    Make delicious chocolate fudge in a matter of minutes in a microwave.

  • Irish Cream Liquer

    Here is the homemade Irish cream recipe that can be whipped up in minutes.

  • Microwave Hazelnut Cake

    About Microwave Hazelnut Cake Recipe: Easy to make hazelnut cake. Ready in just 15 minutes, this cake will leave everyone asking for more.

  • Microwave Kheer

    About Microwave Kheer Recipe: No Indian festival or special occasion is complete without a sweet treat to relish! Here is a delectable rice kheer made in a microwave and topped with saffron strands.

  • Microwave Eggless Muffins

    Soft spongy muffins made in a microwave in a jiffy. Try these easy to make tasty muffins. Perfect for your 'on the go' breakfast.

  • Lagan Nu Custard

    About Lagan-Nu-Custard Recipe: A Parsi dessert, 'Lagan-Nu-Custard' is prepared during weddings. The name itself means 'wedding custard'. Made with simple everyday ingredients like milk, eggs, butter and nuts.

  • Biryani Masala

    An aromatic biryani ka masala made in the microwave.

  • Microwave Paneer Tikka

    About Microwave Paneer Tikka Recipe: Crisp cottage cheese (paneer) pieces microwaved to make soft paneer tikkas infused with deep flavors. Paneer tikka is a perfect starter for a dinner party!

  • Microwave Walnut Cookies

    Crunchy and easy to make walnut cookies made in microwave.

  • Microwave Gajar Ka Halwa

    Carrots and condensed milk cooked in a microwave and finished with almonds and raisins. A divine Indian dessert perfect for a wintery evening.

  • Microwave Pudhina Gosht

    Marinate the meat overnight for best results and then cook in a microwave.

  • Microwave Raan Mussallam

    Marinate lamb overnight with yoghurt, then cook with onions and spices in a microwave and garnished with almonds and raisins

  • Microwave Sookhi Moong Ki Dal

    After you've soaked the dal, make it in a jiffy in the microwave.