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  • Apricot Relish

    The sweetness of dried apricots mingles with the tang of lemon juice and chillies in this Apricot Relish Recipe.

  • Honeyed Prawns

    Prawns stir fried in a tangy sauce, served hot.

  • Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce

    Assorted vegetables tossed in with flavours of lemon grass, rice wine vinegar and black bean sauce.

  • Chinese Stir-Fried Vegetables

    Crunchy vegetables sprinkled with soy sauce, served with egg strips and sesame seeds.

  • Okra with Baby Corn

    Baby corn and okra infused with three different kinds of seeds, masalas and other core ingredients.

  • Vegetables Salt and Pepper

    Assorted veggies dipped in a creamy batter and fried crisp.

  • Hot and Sour Fish

    Dipped in a mixture of flours, beer and egg whites, fish is deep fried and served with pineapple

  • Szechwan Chilli Chicken

    A fiery side - fried chicken cooked with brown, green & white peppercorns and oriental spices.

  • Sesame Chicken

    Chicken baked with sesame seeds and sesame oil, served with mushrooms, spring onions and tomatoes.

  • Szechwan Style Chicken

    Boneless chicken cooked with freshly made sauce.

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