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  • Punjabi Sarson Da Saag

    A classic Punjabi dish, this Sarson Da Saag recipe is gravy dish made from mustard leaves, spinach and bathua along with Maize flour and spices. The end result is a bowl full of aromatic, delicious ...

  • Punjabi Kadhi Pakodi

    A delicious creamy gravy with soft fried pakodis dipped in it. Made form gram flour, spices and chillies, Kadhi Pakora is a popular lunch dish in an Indian household, usually served with rice but you ...

  • punjabi lemon chicken hindi

    पंजाबी लेमन चिकन : पंजाबी खाने का अपना एक अलग ही स्वाद है और अगर आप भी पंजाबी खाना खाने के ​शौकीन हैं तो आपको पंजाबी लेमन चिकन का स्वाद जरूर पसंद आएगा। ...

  • Punjabi style Nutri kulcha

    A healthy and tasty dish to spice up your dinner/lunch table.

  • Punjabi Dal Tadka

    This Punjabi dal tadka is a mouth watering dish served with roti, naan or rice. Any Punjabi menu is incomplete without this tadka dal. Almost every Indian restaurant has the delicious dal tadka on their ...

  • masaledaar chole bhature hindi

    छोले भटूरे उत्तर भारत में बहुत ही प्रसिद्ध है जिसे आप घर पर आसानी से बना सकते हैं। आपने कई रेस्टोरेंट में छोले भटूरे खाए होंगे लेकिन अगर आप चाहें तो कुछ घंटों में ...

  • Khada Desi Palak

    A quick and easy vegetarian dish that is perfect for a busy weeknight. Spinach greens tossed in canola oil and tempered with garlic, ginger and chillies.

  • Amritsari Kulcha

    About Amritsari Kulcha Recipe: For an authentic North Indian meal, Amritsari Kulcha is just the perfect recipe to pair with some delicious Chole. A crisp Punjabi delight, stuffed kulchas are the Indian bread, now made ...

  • Sarson da Saag

    Nothing is more quintessentially Punjabi than sarson da saag paired with makki di roti. A stew-like preparation made with mustard greens.

  • Bhatti da Murga Pindiwala

    Bhatti da Murg is a gem from the streets of Punjab where the chicken is cooked on a charcoal grill. These chicken legs marinated overnight in fine spices will just melt in your mouth!

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