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  • Ghee Roast Chicken Dosa Quesadilla

    About Ghee Roast Chicken Dosa Quesadilla Recipe: A spicy take on the Mexican quesadilla and the South Indian masala dosa. A mouth-watering blend you just cannot miss straight from the kitchen of ibis. The flavours ...

  • Roast Turkey with Cranberry Sauce

    About Roast Turkey with Cranberry Sauce Recipe: A traditional Christmas recipe that is sure to be the star at your festive feast! A whole turkey, stuffed and basted with spices and pan juices perfectly roasted ...

  • Mutton Ghee Roast

    About Mutton Ghee Roast Recipe: A sumptuous dish of mutton is what we call perfect for a chilly winter evening with family and friends. Mutton chunks cooked thoroughly with a myroad of spices and chillies, ...

  • Roasted Spring Chicken with Root Veggies

    About Roasted Spring Chicken with Root Veggies Recipe: A delicious Thanksgiving recipe to prepare at home! Whole chicken stuffed with thyme, galric, lime, topped with chipotle powder and pepper to bake till perfection. Served along ...

  • Baked Namakpara with Roasted Almond Dip

    About Baked Namakpara with Roasted Almond Dip Recipe: Healthy, tasty and the perfect tea time snack, this namak para recipe with a delicious almond dip is healthy to the core. Baked to perfection, namak para ...

  • Roast Pumpkin, Maple Ginger Glaze, Crispy Rice

    About Roast Pumpkin, Maple Ginger Glaze, Crispy Rice Recipe: A delicious roasted pumpkin recipe, tossed in butter and dressed with olive oil, salt, black pepper, coriander seeds and cumin. Garnished with puffed rice, this recipe ...

  • Half Roast Chicken

    About Half Roast Chicken Recipe: A perfect feast for a dinner party! Half Roast Chicken is a delicious chicken recipe where the chicken, along with veggies like carrot and celery, is roasted before pouring and ...

  • Thai Charcoal Roasted Corn

    About Thai Charcoal Roasted Corn Recipe: A healthy, nutritious snack with a spicy and tangy bit of flavour, Thai Charcoal Roasted Corn recipe is a different version of the famous Indian 'Bhutta' that we ...

  • Roasted Tomato and Herb Soup

    Scrumptious soup prepared with oven roasted tomatoes, flavored with garlic and mixed herbs, served hot laced with fresh cream and sautéed herbs.

  • Mustard-Parmesan Whole Roasted Cauliflower

    This delicious Gobi with a Christmas Twist is liked even by meat eaters. It is a side dish grabbing more attention than the main dish served on dining table. It is roasted like you roast ...

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  • 10 Best Roast Recipes

    Roasting is one of the oldest method of cooking meat. To help you master the art, we present our 10 best roast recipes - from roast chicken to leg of lamb and more.

  • How To Roast Vegetables: An Ultimate Guide To Make A Perfect Side Dish

    If you are looking for a no-fail, easy-to-remember technique for roasting up any type of vegetable, then we have a good news, as we have got you the right method to do that

  • On A Weight Loss Diet? 5 Roasted Snack Ideas You Can Try

    Another weight-loss friendly way of preparing your food is roasting them. Roasting your food helps you save many calories that you cannot escape in deep fried goods.

  • Nigel Slater's Roast Chicken Recipes

    The best part of a roast chicken is the sticky savour left in the pan - and these two recipes make the most of it.The point of a roast chicken is not only the meat, ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Roast

    Felicity Cloake puts your oven-baked recipes to the test.Cook readers never fail to surprise: I expected a volley of roast lamb and ribs of beef this week, but instead I found myself cooking Portuguese sea ...

  • It's Roasted Veg, But Not As We Know It

    Roasted vegetables can be deeply satisfying, and so much more than bog-standard student nosh. Find our revelatory tips here...If you type "roast vegetables" into Google Images, you will see hundreds of amazingly similar photographs of ...

  • Roast Chicken, the Easy Way

    Theres nothing new about it; its as classic as roast chicken recipes come. And if youve ever roasted a chicken, youve probably made something pretty much like it.

  • How To Roast Chestnuts? 3 Easy Ways To Roast Chestnuts

    Chestnuts are the holiday version of dry fruits. They make a special appearance around Christmas, bringing the much-needed holiday cheer. Native to temperature regions of the Northern Hemisphere, chestnuts are hard-shelled, soft-centred and little delicious ...

  • Thomasina Mier's Recipes for Roast Aubergines with Szechuan Fragrant Pork

    An Asian take on stuffed roast aubergine, plus summery free-form pies for eating at home or on a picnic.

  • Almonds Provide Fewer Calories Than Thought: Study

    Both roasted and unroasted almonds provide fewer calories than previously estimated - and the amount of calories is largely dependent on the form of the dry fruit consumed, according to a new study.