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  • Low Fat Shrikhand Sundae

    About Low Fat Shrikhand Sundae Recipe: Celebrate the festivities with this delicious shrikhand recipe with a nutritious twist! Packed with the goodness of grapes, strawberries, apple, kiwi and chia seeds, this shrikhand recipe is definitely ...

  • Grilled Kasundi Honey Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash

    About Grilled Kasundi Honey Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash Recipe: Flavourful chicken breasts marinated in a mix of kasundi, ginger, garlic and hone, grilled to perfection. Served along with a mash of creamy sweet potato ...

  • Tequila Sunrise

    About Tequila Sunrise Recipe: A refreshing cocktail for your party with friend! Tequila sunrise is packed with the tang of lime and orange along with tarty and sweet grenadine syrup, muddled together with some fine ...

  • Sunchoke Galawat

    A perfect snack to have on a party menu!

  • Kasundi Salmon Tikka with Pumpkin Pure

    A perfect seafood snack at any party.

  • Kasundi Murgh Tikka

    A popular ingredient in Bengali cuisine, Kasundi mustard adds a tinge of tanginess to this dish.

  • Puri Basundi

    Basundi is popular Maharashtrian dessert generally prepared during the festive season, you can serve it with crisp puris.

  • Roast Lamb

    Tender, sweet and delicious meat served with lovely wine gravy and a thick mint sauce.

  • 5 Minute Sundae

    About 5 Minute Sundae Recipe: An all-time favourite ice cream sundae can now be made at home in just 5 minutes!

  • Basundi

    About Basundi Recipe: An easy to make milk dessert gripped with the flavor of saffron, almonds and pistachios. Basundi is a dessert commonly made in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. It is similar to rabdi.

  • Ice-Cream Sundae

    About Ice-Cream Sundae Recipe: Here we whip up the all time favorite ice cream sundae and a homemade chocolate sauce with a secret ingredient.

  • Kurumba Sunset

    Cachaca, peach liqueur and campari teamed together with orange and mint.

  • Poached Lahori Fish with Sun Blushed Red Chillies and Imli Pesto

    Surmai fillets pickled in a poaching liquid, served with filled red chillies dried in the oven, garnished with an imli pesto.

  • Gajar Halwa Sunehri Style

    About Gajar Halwa Sunehri Style Recipe | Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe: A favourite across the country, this Indian dessert Gajar Ka Halwa is a delicious blend of carrot (gajar) with milk and sugar in desi ...

  • Sunday Chicken Roast

    Roasted chicken - enchanting, succulent and downright delicious.

  • Lehsuni Murg

    About Lehsuni Murg Recipe | Garlic Chicken: On the flavour scale, Lehsuni murg would score an easy ten. It's downright delicious. With oodles of spice and strong garlic flavour, this chicken recipe is a must ...

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