Indian Sweets

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  • Gujarati Ghari

    Tasty and crispy Gujarati sweets popularly made in Surat. The crispy outer layer made of flour encloses sweet dates sauteed in ghee. This traditional Gujarati sweet is prepared on the festival of Chandani Padva.

  • Apple Walnut Shrikhand (My Yellow Table)

    Chef Kunal Kapur takes us through the art of making the best loved Gujarati dessert. Yogurt, sugar, slices of green apple and some walnuts come together to create this magical dessert.

  • Poornam Boorelu

    Poornam Boorelu is a traditional Andhra sweet. Dumplings made with black gram, jaggery, butter and coconut are fried in butter.

  • Sweet Potato Rabdi

    Sweet potato is no less than a superfood as it is loaded with fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C and minerals like magnesium and calcium. The milk in the recipe gives it a protein touch ...

  • Wild Berries and Lavender Kheer

    The traditional Indian kheer gets a twist of berries and the aroma of lavender flowers. Take a bite and feel the bliss!

  • Lemon and Coconut Barfi (My Yellow Table)

    One of the easiest ways to please those who love sweets. Here's an Indian delight studded with flavours of lemon and coconut.

  • Pithi Puri

    Dough stuffed with a yummy dal mixture. Deep fried till golden and puffy. Serve with aloo ki sabzi.

  • Anarse ki Goli

    Enjoy these crisps roundels made of rice flours with the goodness of pure ghee and sesame seeds. Team it with tea or coffee.

  • Khoya

    Khoya is used mainly for making Indian sweets like barfis and gulab jamun.

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