Moong Dal

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  • Moong Dal Parcels

    A snack that goes well with your evening cup of tea. Fried parcels stuffed with a spicy and flavourful mix of moong dal, onions, turmeric and chaat masala.

  • Moong Dal Ki Barfi

    A sweet treat made with moong dal, khoya and almonds.

  • Moong Dal Halwa

    Halwa made from moong dal and flavored with cardamom and almonds. Its a perfect winter dessert.

  • Green Moong Dal (My Yellow Table)

    The classic moong dal recipe simplified for you.

  • Moong Dal Chila

    Sudden urge to eat? You have moong dal cheela to your rescue. This easy to make cheela is not only healthy but it also manages to fill up your stomach.

  • Peerkangai Kootu

    Peerkangai (ridge gourd) kootu is a common dish in Tamil Nadu. This dish combines moong dal with ridge gourd. It's a great accompaniment with rice and rasam. It can also be eaten along with rotis.

  • Moong Dal Cheela Stuffed with Paneer

    Cheelas made from moong dal and peas. Stuffed with paneer. A yummy option for your breakfast or brunch.

  • Dal Bhari Puri

    Puris stuffed with a flavorsome moong dal mixture.

  • Moong Dal Shorba

    An Indian soup of spiced lentils, both healthy and tasty.

  • Mangauri or Moong Dal Badi

    Leave these lentil bites to dry after shaping them and store them for additional crunch and flavor to any vegetable dish.

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