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'Mumbai' - 25 Recipe Result(s)

  • Grilled Veggie Quesadilla

    Mexican quesadillas overloaded with exotic vegetables, layered with a spicy sauce and lots of cheese.

  • Eggless Truffle  Cake

    The good old chocolate truffle, only this time it's eggless! A soft sponge layered with a creamy, dark chocolate ganache.

  • Kasundi Murgh Tikka

    A popular ingredient in Bengali cuisine, Kasundi mustard adds a tinge of tanginess to this dish.

  • Laal Duck Mole

    The distinct flavour of duck and its fat would go really well with a robust and flavourful 'laal masala' from Rajasthan, complemented by the spicy chocolate sauce from Mexico, 'Mole'. It's a treat for the ...

  • Lobster Thermidor

    A classic French dish where the lobster shell is stuffed with a creamy mixture of meat, egg yolks and brandy. Top up with cheese and bake for an oven-browned cheese crust.

  • Gooey S'mores Pie

    After eating these mini s'mores you would definitely want some more. Don't miss out this recipe!

  • Hot Cross Buns

    Make the most of this Good Friday special! Serve the spiced buns as is or gently warm and savour them with ice cream or some butter on the side.

  • Gosht Nihari

    Lamb cooked in an array of traditional spices and finished with kewda water to make it a delightful dinner-party dish.

  • Indian Summer (Mango Cocktail)

    Be your own bartender and impress your guests with one of the most popular cocktails served at Blue Frog, Mumbai. Shake up some vodka with summery ingredients like fresh mangoes, lime juice and mint leaves.

  • Kolhapuri Vegetables

    Kohlapuri vegetables as the name suggests is a popular dish of Kohlapur city which is located in the South-west corner of Maharashtra. It's an eclectic mix of vegetables with dessicated coconut and is traditionally ...

'Mumbai' - 203 Article Result(s)

  • Message drive by Mumbai dabbawalas for World Health Day

    Mumbai's famed 'dabbawalas' will join hands with the World Health Organization to draw attention towards prevention and control of vector-borne diseases (VBD). The Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Charity Trust (NMTBSCT) will carry a special ...

  • World's Best Chefs Arrive in Mumbai

    Become master chefs in 48 hours! The world-renowned Taste Festival makes its South Asian debut right here in Mumbai this month, where celebrity chefs will teach you to cook up a storm. And if eating ...

  • On the Mumbai Dabbawalla's Trail

    Shobha Bondre's translated title, Mumbai's Dabbawallas, gives an honest insight into the pulse of this ever-expanding city and its indigenous food line the Dabbawalla.After the downpour of information regarding Mumbai's Dabbawallas, in the last few ...

  • Mumbai, A City That Never Stops Eating!

    Mumbai knows no boundaries! If the city doesn't sleep, it doesn't stop eating either. While jostling one another in the overcrowded streets, Mumbaikers love to savour street food. From sinking their teeth into kheema ghotala ...

  • Mumbai's Largest Food Portions

    Moeena Halim goes sniffing out restaurants in Mumbai that serve plus sized burgers, biryani in a bucket and metre-long pizzas -- large enough to be shared by a gang of hungry diners.Mumbai is no stranger ...

  • Most Delicious Meals in Mumbai

    The Mediterranean platter at OvenfreshAt: Other than housing the headquarters of a political party, Dadar's Shivaji Park also has a sprinkling of landmark eateries. But one place that has been serving a great mix of ...

  • Top 10 Places to Eat in Mumbai

    Here are the top 10 restaurants in Mumbai. On a day when Mumbai is at its craziest, traffic is peaking and the crowds are milling, what would you do to please your tummy and welcome ...

  • Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Mumbai

    Here's a list of the 10 most romantic restaurants in Mumbai with excellent ambience and mind blowing food.

  • Meet Mumbai's rags-to-riches 'Restaurant King'

    Over five decades ago, an aggressive trade union leader, George Fernandes, was tired and famished after leading a day-long agitation of taxi drivers.It was around midnight and there were no decent eateries open. Walking around ...

  • Mumbai's Fine Dining Indigo Comes to the Capital

    Indigo, one of Mumbai's first standalone fine dining restaurants, is set to open an outlet in the capital next month.The 15-year-old brand is moving out of Mumbai for the first time and will open the ...