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    • A Coastal Favourite: South India's Love for Mussels

      From mussels in coconut gravy to tangy pickles, we've listed scrumptious preparations of mussels, a coastal favourite of South India.

    • 7 Best South Indian Snacks Recipes: Banana Chips, Lukhmi and More

      Here are several South Indian snacks that can give the popular samosa a run for its money.

    • Top 6 Places to Eat at While Travelling to Mangalore

      A melting pot of communities like Beary Muslims, Mangalorean Catholics, Saraswath Brahmins, and Bunts to name a few, the local cuisine is a delicious reflection of this coalescence.

    • Thalassery Biryani: The South Indian Cousin of the Famous Mughlai Dish

      The piece de resistance of Mappila cuisine, Thalassery biryani has made a name for itself in the biryani world, rivaling the best with its subtle complexity.

    • 7 Parottas That Are a Must-Try When In South India

      A visit to the South Indian states is incomplete without a meal of parottas with spicy gravy. Here's a round-up of the most popular ones.

    • Kerala Food Meets Arabic Influences: The Lesser-Known Mappila Cuisine

      Drawing from the Portuguese, Dutch, English and Arab influences, Mappila cuisine is the best sort of amalgamation of local and borrowed food traditions. And the pice de rsistance of Mappila cooking is without a doubt the Tellicherry Biryani.

    • Kerala & Cooking with Coconuts: Why is it so Special?

      As you fly into Kerala, you might be amazed by the pervasive green that greets you as you're about to land.

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