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  • Ambur Mutton Biryani

    A fragrant preparation, surprise your friends at dinner with this authentic biryani from Ambur in Tamil Nadu. A complete meal, the lamb soaks in all the flavours really well leaving you wanting for more.

  • Sri Lankan Cashew and Green Peas Curry (Kaju Maluwa)

    Cashew is an integral part of Sri Lankan cuisine. This delectable curry is made with sweet green peas, mild spices and creamy cashew paste.

  • Recheado (Goan Red masala)

    This fiery Goan masala is a blend of hot, aromatic spices, tomatoes, onions and tamarind. Add it to your curries to serve absolutely delectable delicacies.

  • Five Spice Powder

    In the culinary arts, five spice (also known as Chinese five spice) is a blend of ground spices often used in Chinese, Vietnamese and most popularly in Asian cuisine.One theory behind the composition of five ...

  • Panch Phoron

    Here is an authentic Bengali condiment made of five different spices. Add this aromatic concoction to brighten up the flavour of your preparations.

  • Pumpkin Soup with Southern Spices

    A simmering pot of delicious soup, made with fresh veggies, herbs and white wine.

  • Cottage Cheese and Green Spices

    Thick cottage cheese disks, marinated in a delightful green paste, pan fried and served with tapenade.

  • Arbi Soup with Oriental Spices

    The warm goodness of soup, infused with arbi.

  • Braised Plantain with Thai Spices

    Plantains cooked with shallots and a saucy paste of bell peppers, coconut, jaggery, tamarind pulp and seasoning. Accompanied with noodles or rice.

  • Carrot Soup with Middle Eastern Spices

    Beautiful spices come together to create this warm carrot and rice soup.

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