• Eating Less Meat? Meatless Butchers To Mushroom Burgers Can Help

      From juicy chicken chunks and sausage rolls to bacon and tuna, Dutch butcher Jaap Korteweg offers it all. But there's a twist: None of this is made from meat.

    • World Food Prices Fall in 2016 for Fifth Straight Year - UN FAO

      The full year 2016 logged a 1.5 percent annual drop in the index

    • Insight: Nutella Maker Fights Back On Palm Oil After Cancer Risk Study

      The detailed research into the contaminant - known as GE - was commissioned by the European Commission in 2014

    • Rye Is Rising: The Age-Old Grain Spices Up Baked Goodies

      Bakers are falling for rye, using the "it" grain in breads and pastries it is showing up in doughnuts, pie crusts and even croissants.

    • Insight: Nutella Maker Fights Back on Palm Oil After Cancer Risk Study

      The $44 billion palm oil industry, under pressure in Europe after authorities listed the edible oil as a cancer risk, has found a vocal ally in the food sector: the maker of Nutella.

    • Madhya Pradesh Aims to Raise Pulse Output to Help India Reach Self-Sufficiency Goal

      Madhya Pradesh aims to raise production of pulses by 60 percent in the next three years to help Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieve his goal of making the country self-sufficient in the staple, the state's chief minister said.

    • Smoking Costs $1 Trillion, Soon to Kill 8 Million a Year - WHO/NCI Study

      Smoking costs the global economy more than $1 trillion a year, and will kill one third more people by 2030 than it does now.

    • Ducks Gassed in Thousands as France Fights Bird Flu Virus

      Workers wearing masks and protective clothes gassed thousands of ducks in southwest France on Friday, in a massive cull that was ordered in an attempt to prevent a spread of the H5N8 bird flu virus.

    • Japanese Mothers Know Best: Arrowroots Healing Powers

      The kudzu plant has played an important role in Japan since ancient times, it's Starches used to produce delicious dishes can be found around the world.

    • China Confirms Human Bird Flu Case in Guizhou Province

      Health authorities in the southern Chinese province of Guizhou have confirmed a new human case of H7N9 avian influenza.

    • U.S. Scrambles to Clear Egg Exports to Bird Flu-Hit Korea

      U.S. officials are urgently seeking an agreement with South Korea that would allow imports of American eggs.

    • Ireland Confirms Bird Flu Case, Carrying Out Tests

      Ireland has found the H5N8 bird flu strain in a wild duck in the south eastern town of Wexford, the agriculture department said on Friday.

    • Burger King, Tim Hortons to Curb Antibiotics Used in Chicken

      Restaurant chains Burger King and Tim Hortons plan to switch to chicken raised without antibiotics, making it the latest company to ditch the drugs over health concerns.

    • China's Xinjiang Region Culls 55,000 Chickens After Bird Flu Outbreak

      China's Xinjiang region has culled more than 55,000 chickens and other poultry following an outbreak of a highly virulent bird flu that has infected 16,000 birds, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Tuesday.

    • Germany Culls 55,000 Poultry as Bird Flu Found On Farms

      The culling of about 55,000 turkeys, chickens and ducks is underway after bird flu of the highly contagious H5N8 strain was found on farms in a major poultry production region in the north German state of Lower Saxony, authorities said on Tuesday.

    • Odisha Orders Poultry Cull After Bird Flu Outbreak

      Odisha ordered the cull of more than 2,500 chickens and other poultry after four dead crows and three dead poultry tested positive for the highly pathogenic H5N1 virus, officials said on Tuesday.

    • China Uncovers 500,000 Food Safety Violations in Nine Months

      One case in the northeastern province of Jilin involved the use of industrial gelatine in food.

    • India's Wheat Stocks Set to Fall to 10-Year Low, Beckoning Imports

      India's wheat stocks in April next year, when the new season begins, are likely to be at their lowest levels in more than a decade after two successive droughts sapped the soil of moisture and cut output, traders and industry experts said.

    • China Uncovers 500,000 Food Safety Violations in Nine Months

      China, rocked in recent years by a series of food safety scandals, uncovered as many as half a million illegal food safety violations in the first three quarters of the year, an official said.

    • Sleep Apnea Tied to Diabetes and Hypertension During Pregnancy

      Pregnant women who experience certain breathing problems during sleep may be more likely to develop complications like high blood pressure and diabetes, recent U.S. research suggests.

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