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    • EUFA EURO Special: 7 Snacks to Binge On For An Epic Game Night

      It is that time of the year and we have just the right snacks for you! Indulge in these game night snacks and gear up for a long one month of pumping adrenaline.

    • Homemade Chocolate Recipe: 2-Ingredient Condensed Milk Chocolates

      Whatever may be the problem, chocolate is always the solution! Try out these delectable two-ingredient homemade chocolates for the perfect solution to your chocolate cravings.

    • Protein Shake Recipe: Homemade Sattu Shake To Fuel Up Your Protein Intake

      The more inexpensive and effective equivalent of most protein powders, Sattu protein shake is a fantastic way to level up your protein.

    • 9 Most Popular Tandoori Dishes Across India - Try Them Now

      Tandoor is not just an equipment and tandoori dishes are not just food items, they are an emotion. Check out these swoon worthy tandoori dishes that are an absolute hit across the country.

    • How To Make Oatmeal Dalia: An Ideal Weight Loss Recipe For A Healthy Breakfast

      Searching for your next breakfast option? Kick-start your morning with a warm bowl of oatmeal dalia and watch it fuel you up till your next meal.

    • Malaika Arora's Spring Platter Is Brimming With Protein And Wellness (See Pic)

      Malaika Arora's lunch is a protein-packed affair full of nutritional goodness and is definitely what we call - total GOALS!

    • Diabetes Dessert Recipe: Sugar-Free Phirni For A Guilt-Free Dessert Craving

      Who would have ever guessed that the heavenly and rich Phirni could actually be turned diabetic-friendly?!

    • Junk Food, Skipping Breakfast And Caffeine May Cause Mental Distress In Women - Study

      Junk food, coffee and skipping might just be the habits you need to ditch for a better mental wellbeing.

    • 'Baba Ka Dhaba' Couple Back In Their Old Eatery Again As Restaurant Fails

      Baba Ka Dhaba' owner Kanta Prasad is back to working in his old dhaba as his restaurant could not survive the pandemic.

    • Chocolate Covered Potato Chips Recipe: Taking Chocolate-Chips To A Whole New Level

      Potato chips and chocolates are the ultimate guilty pleasure, but who knew that even paired together they taste just as good.

    • Shweta Tiwari's South Indian Breakfast In Africa Is All Thanks To Rohit Shetty

      'Khatron Ke Khiladi 11' contestant Shweta Tiwari shares a glimpse of her South Indian meal in South Africa; courtesy of host Rohit Shetty.

    • Shirley Temple Drink: History, Recipe And Why It Is Called Shirley Temple

      Hollywood icon Shirley Temple left behind quite a legacy, with this non-alcoholic beverage being a part of it. The drink named after the child star is still enjoyed by kids and young adults all over the world.

    • Summer Diet: Surat-Special Cold Cocoa Drink For All Chocolate Lovers (Recipe Video Inside)

      Some may say that chocolate is man's greatest creation and we totally agree. What can be better than this rich and creamy chocolate drink to beat the blues.

    • Khloe Kardashian Swears By This Drink In The Morning For Weight Loss

      A healthier alternative to coffee and tea in the morning. If your aim is to lose weight and boost your Vitamin C intake, this detox drink may help you achieve that.

    • 5 Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Rotis, Vegetable Peels And Other Foods To Avoid Wastage

      Cut down on your personal food waste and not just the planet but your wallet will thank you too.

    • From Puns To Puddings: Check Out Vidya Balan's All-Time Favourites

      Vidya Balan recently did a 'Ask Me Anything' and ended up roasting her fans as well as revealing some of her favourite things in the world.

    • Watch: Chickpea (Chana) And Tofu To The Rescue For The Ultimate Protein-Rich Salad Recipe

      Whoever said salads were boring definitely did not taste this protein-rich nutritious bowl of chickpea (chana) and tofu salad.

    • Mushroom Brown Rice: A Delicious Recipe For Weight Loss

      Weight Loss: Brown rice may not be as delicious as white rice but its nutritional benefits may just change your mind.

    • Parineeti Chopra Is Giving Us All Kinds Of Healthy Feels In Turkey; See Pics

      Actress Parineeti has been living it up in Turkey amongst the beautiful landscape and a whole lot of healthy food.

    • Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Is Worried About The Bengali Malai Sandwich

      Made from Chena, Sugar and Mava, this Bengali sweet dish has stolen many hearts. But as people discover the variety of desserts that have recently come up, is the malai sandwich losing its popularity?

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