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    • How to Eat: Quiche

      This month, How to eat is cutting itself a slice of quiche, defying gender stereotypes and settling the many culinary disputes that surround the savoury egg tart.

    • Taste Test: The Best and Worst Supermarket Salads

      We fork out a lot of money for our lunchtime salads, and among the vile vinaigrettes, cacophonous flavour clashes and dreary, pallid veggies, a few manage to be worth it.

    • How to Eat Tuna Salad

      Sounds simple enough, but every detail is controversial. Tinned tuna or fresh? Rocket or cos? French beans or no? Which olives, what dressing and what to drink with it?

    • Is the Age of the Quick Pint and Boozy Drinking Over?

      As a new report suggests that more than 90% of pub visits involve the eating of food, is the age of the quick pint and boozy drinking den over?

    • Top 10 Budget Restaurants and Cafes in Nottingham

      Nottingham has contemporary art, compelling history and cricket and when youre looking to refuel it also has a fine line in affordable cafes, delis and diners where you can tuck in for under £10 a head.

    • Supermarket Lagers: The Best and Worst - Taste Test

      Lager doesn't have to be boring the good stuff has an all-malt base, loads of hops and is matured for at least a month. So which supermarket bottles are worth sipping this summer?

    • Why Piping-Hot Food Leaves Me Cold

      Gone are the days when a lack of central heating and a fear of salmonella meant food had to be served at thermonuclear temperatures. But does that superheat enhance flavour and appetite, or merely leave your soft palate raw and wounded?

    • How Can We Get Street Food Back on to the Streets?

      It is a curious paradox, but outside London, the one place you rarely find street food... is on the streets.

    • Has Craft Beer Called Last Orders On Mild?

      Regional brewer Robinson's has called time on production of this unfashionable beer style. With artisan brews booming, have easy-drinking milds had their day?

    • Top 10 Craft Beer Pubs in Cambridge, UK

      Cambridge has history, green spaces and impressive architecture to spare, but how far has the craft beer revolution penetrated its quads and cloisters?

    • How to Eat Eggs Benedict

      Its at least 120 years old, but with brunch more fashionable than ever in Britain, eggs Benedict is enjoying a moment. So, toast or muffins? Ham or proscuitto? There are key decisions to made here.

    • Top 10 Budget Restaurants in Birmingham

      Birminghams diverse range of cuisines can be savoured without spending big bucks.

    • Extreme-Aged Steak: The Gourmet World Of Meat With Mould On

      Chefs are pushing the boundaries of beef by hanging meat for ever-increasing periods. The resulting steaks are sensational but a little goes a very long way.

    • Supermarket Pizza Hacks: What Do You Put On Yours?

      Tweaking the toppings and adding extra cheese is often the only way to make a bought pizza a truly indulgent treat. But what do you add to yours? And is pizza the only ready meal that demands a makeover?

    • Top 10 Craft Beer Pubs in Leeds

      Yorkshire may be the spiritual home of traditional English bitter, but in Leeds new-wave ale is so prevalent it is arguably the UKs craft beer capital, full of brewers tap rooms, traditional boozers and even an Indian street-food venue.

    • Top 10 Budget Restaurants and Cafes in Newcastle

      Tony Naylor picks top Tyneside restaurants where you can eat well for under 10 British pounds.

    • Brown Sauce Sales are Falling: Has Britain Finally Come to its Senses?

      Brown sauce maintained its place in Britain's affectations for decades - until now, when sales are reportedly down by 19%.

    • New Year's Eve Cocktails: Five Easy Ways to Wow

      From buttered gin to fruit ice, here are five simple and affordable ideas to jazz up your drinks.

    • The Seven Stages of Christmas Leftovers

      At Christmas, you do not need a calendar. You can tell what day it is by the leftovers you are eating. Need a time-check? Then simply consult our guide, accurate to within two hours.

    • How to Eat: Toast

      This month, How To Eat is tackling a quintessentially British snack - toast. Sounds simple, right? But how wrong you are. Do you use a toaster or grill? White sliced or rye, sourdough or seeded multigrain? And that's just the start of it..."It is impossible...

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