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  • Steak Argentino

    About Steak Argentino Recipe: A meat lover's heaven! Steak Argentino has meat tenderloin marinated in a host of spices, herbs and red wine, grilled to perfection and served with crispy potato cubes and asparagus. Garnished ...

  • Tawa surmai

    kingfish steaks marinated with ginger, garlic and red chilli paste, cooked on griddle, finished with lemon juice.

  • Paneer Steak

    Pan fried cottage cheese patties baked with cheese and tomatoes.

  • Carribean Passion

    Rum and pineapple juice has a citrus kick, perfect for lazing on the beach.

  • Grilled Surmai Steak

    About Grilled Surmai Steak Recipe: Grilled fish kebabs with tempered potatoes, this surmai steak is great to prepare on a Sunday brunch with family and friends.

  • Microwave Chicken Steak

    Easy chicken steak, marinated in varied flavors and then microwaved.

  • Cheese and Lamb Steaks

    Succulent lamb steak rolled in garden fresh ingredients and cheese - fried and baked.

  • Chicken Steak

    About Chicken Steak Recipe: An American cutlet like dish with large and tender chicken pieces marinated well, bursting with flavours of spices. Chicken pieces are sizzled on a pan till they're cooked just right. Just ...

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