High-Protein Diet: How To Make Vegetarian Indian Thali Rich In Protein (Videos)

Shubham Bhatnagar  |  Updated: May 30, 2019 17:46 IST

High-Protein Diet: How To Make Vegetarian Indian Thali Rich In Protein (Videos)

Wholesome and full of flavours, this protein-rich thali is bliss for vegetarians.

  • Protein-rich food in India is not a new concept
  • Protein-rich veg thali is not just easy to make but also tastes good
  • With all the masalas used in Indian dishes, raita comes as a respite

We Indians are known for our indulgent lifestyles when it comes to food and rightfully so, right? While the classic Indian dishes are best served and relished a little too spicy and with a little too oil or butter, the new age has very creatively adapted to a diet that is as Indian as it gets in its basic palate but is also protein rich and suitable for any diet plan. Protein-rich food in India is not a new thing; the classic old dishes have been more or less modified to suit the diets of the ones who are watching their weight. Talking of protein-rich food in India, the very first few names that come to one's mind are boiled egg whites, grilled chicken breasts, fish tikkas etc. While these Indian dishes are a no-brainer for any non-vegetarian going on a protein-rich diet, there is a protein-rich vegetarian thali that is not just easy to make but will also fit any diet plan and also eventually satiate your craving for the spicy Indian food.     

We all know that eating protein-rich foods keep us satiated for longer time and we eat less later. Health experts and dietitians suggest adding good amount of protein to our diet, and if you are trying to shed a few pounds, eating foods rich in protein is important. This vegetarian thali comprises all the food items that are not only rich in protein but will also tantalise your taste buds with their exotic flavour.


Here's What All You May Add To Your Vegetarian Indian Thali To Make It Rich In Protein:

1. Dal Palak Recipe

Dal is an essential part of Indian cuisine. Dals are not only packed with protein but also keep various lifestyle diseases at bay like high cholesterol, heart-related ailments etc. Other than that, consuming dals regularly keeps our bones healthy and aids weight loss. While palak is brimming with dietary fibres and protein - both are known to induce satiety and you binge less on other fattening foods. Here's a recipe of the famous dal palak shared by famous vlogger Alpa Modi on her YouTube channel 'Something's cooking with Alpa'.

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Protein Rich Food: Dal is rich in plant-based protein

2. Paneer Bhurji Recipe

Paneer bhurji is one of the most loved and popular Indian dishes. But did you know that your favourite paneer dish is also healthy and high in protein content?! Paneer or cottage cheese, is dubbed as one of the best sources of vegetarian (or plant-based) protein. This quintessential Indian dish is a perfect way to add protein to your diet. The recipe for paneer bhurji is shared by Manjula Jain on her YouTube channel 'Manjula's Kitchen'. Watch the video and enjoy your guilt-free treat.

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Protein Rich Food: Paneer bhurji is one of the most loved and popular Indian dishes

3. Palak Raita Recipe

It's true that every Indian food - be it dal chawal, kebabs, khichdi or thali - is incomplete without a bowl of raita. Preparing raita is one of the easiest things to make. It goes with almost all your lunch and dinner dishes. With all the masalas and chillies used in Indian dishes, raita comes as a respite. With its cooling effects, it keeps all digestion-related issues at bay. In this raita recipe, Alpa Modi has added palak to it that has given the raita a healthy twist.

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Protein Rich Food: 

4. Jowar Ki Roti

Ditch those tandoori rotis or deep-fried pooris and try this delicious jowar ki roti instead. Jowar is a whole grain, which is brimming with proteins and dietary fibres - both help keep you full for longer and facilitate weight loss. This jowar ki roti recipe will surely satisfy your cravings of having an authentic Indian bread. The recipe is shared by Alpa Modi on her YouTube channel 'Something's cooking with Alpa'.

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5. Jeera Rice

Rice is an essential part of all the Indian thalis. One such rice dish you can add to your thalis is the classic jeera rice. But unlike regular jeera rice, Alpa Modi has added various health-promoting spices to it - this has given the recipe a healthier twist. Make sure you use ghee instead of butter to make your jeera rice. To make it protein-rich, you may add soya chunks, better still, add some chopped broccoli.

6. Spicy Green Chutney

Chutney is one firm-favourite accompaniment that can be found in every Indian regional cuisine. It adds its own refreshing flavour to any food that it is paired with - be it khichdi, sandwiches, chaat, pulao or finger foods. The best part about chutney is that it can be made using different ingredients like herbs, fruits or vegetables and somehow manages to keep its craze among Indian food lovers. This spicy green chutney recipe shared by Alpa Modi is a dream come true for spicy food-lovers!

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Who says that one has to eat non-vegetarian food to increase their protein intake? Wholesome and full of flavours, this protein-rich vegetarian thali is bliss for the ones who are on a plant-based diet and looking for high-protein options in Indian cuisine.


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