Navratri 2016: A Tailor-Made Menu for Day 4

   |  Updated: April 11, 2016 16:04 IST

Navratri 2016: A Tailor-Made Menu for Day 4
  • Why make your fasting an ordeal?
  • A delicious menu for the entire day crafted by a dietician.
  • In addition to your meals, you may snack on fruits when hungry.

What makes one observe fast is subjective. It is the religious fervor, one's undying faith and belief in an omnipotent power and where there is faith involved, the exercise needs to be done voluntarily and joyously. Most see fasting as a way to come closer to the almighty; the almighty that is nothing but compassionate, then why make your fasting an ordeal when you can abide by the rules and still enjoy the nine-day long festival?

We understand that your choices are limited; with most grains, pulses, onion and garlic off your plate, there's only so much you can do. Plus you also need to be watchful of your nutrient intake. Keeping all of the above in mind, we bring you a special menu for navratri. No need to pick up the phone and worry your mum over your fasting dilemmas, our in-house nutritionist Dr. Rupali Dutta, Chief Clinical Nutritionist, Fortis Hospital has meticulously devised a dedicate menu for each of your fasting days.

If you have been fasting since Day 1, then give yourself a pat on the back for you are already half way through. On Day 4, you would feel more in sync with your new dietary regime. On today's menu, you have a selection of dairy products, fruits and other food items to fulfill your daily nutrient requirement.

Day 4

Early Morning

Nothing else can rev up your morning like a glass of refreshing lemonade with a dash of honey and a helping of fruits.


Team Makhana Chops with delectable Sonth ki Chutney and do not forget to pair it with energizing Lassi.


Cucumbers are hydrating and full of dietary fiber. Make delectable Kheera Pakoras and relish them with Mint Chutney. Fancy dessert on the side? How about some Mango Mint Kheer?

Evening Tea

Your evening tea or coffee could use some company. Try Paneer Haryali.



Always consume your dinner at least a couple of hours before you plan to hit the bed. Today, you can gorge on a simple and subtle Kaddu ki Sabzi along with buckwheat Pooris. If you really like your last meal light and simple, opt for Kuttu Rotis instead.


It is always advisable to have a glass of milk before sleeping. It induces sleep and facilitates digestion.

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