5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her or Him

 , NDTV  |  Updated: February 11, 2016 16:24 IST

5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her or Him
Here's a list of 5 Valentine's Day gift ideas for your special someone.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This adage is as clichéd as they come. And clichéd is the concept of Valentine’s Day too. If you see it through the eyes of a cynic, there’s plenty not to like. Commercial to the hilt, who are marketers to tell us when to profess our love, some say. But here’s the thing. Magic is just a hand-trick if you don’t believe in it. And if you do, it is a miracle that makes you gape in awe. That’s the thing about Valentine’s Day too. It is just another day, yet if the day only asks for you to celebrate your love, then why not. Love should be celebrated on every turn, in every mundane part of our lives. But we get so caught up in everyday routine that we forget to do so.

Why don’t we leave our cynical glasses on the side this Valentine’s Day and go ahead and celebrate it with childlike enthusiasm? The reward of making someone feel special will be the look of happiness in his/ her eyes. At the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters?Food and love go long back. Gift the love of your life something delectable this Valentine’s Day. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

Comments1. Wine: When in doubt, gift wine. A bottle of vintage or even bubbly to mark the special day is a great idea. Even better, buy a bottle of wine, two flutes or wine glasses and surprise her/ him with the same under a starry sky. Romance personified.

2. Tea Box: With so many varieties of tea in the market, this is a fabulous gifting option. There are plenty to choose fromflavoured teas, kahwa, flower teas and so much more. A tea box will last a while and every time he has a cup, he will think of you, at work or at home. If these are loose tea leaves, you can add in a funky tea infuser as well.

3. Curated Cooking Kit: Does she/he love to cook? Into baking or prefers stirring up an oriental wok? Whatever may be the preference, a personalised curated cooking kit created by you will bring a smile to those lips. Add in interesting ingredients, some cooking accessories like cookie cutters or even ornate chopsticks. The upside? You may even get a thank-you meal out of it!

4. Sushi-Kit: Taking a cue from the above, if you have seen the film Sex and the City, you know what this is about. A step-by-step sushi kit is a great gift for someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen. The end result is delicious as well, of course.

5. Ice Moulds: There are a multitude of interesting cocktails one can stir up. But what can really set them apart are a couple of unique ice-cubes added in. You get some innovative ones in the market. We suggest you steer clear of the skulls and bones and opt instead for something more fun, perhaps those shaped like flowers or fruits.

There is nothing more romantic than cooking a meal together and then sharing it. The intimacy and shared laughter over creating a dish, however it may turn out, is the perfect way to celebrate each other. Valentine’s Day may be over-rated, but love is not. This Valentine’s Day, bring back the joy and that love, in the kitchen and out of it.

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