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  • Paneer Shawarma

    This paneer shawarma roll uses paneer keema made with a host of spices and this mixture is further laced over the wheat bread and served with mayonnaise or cheese dip alongside.

  • Chatpati Chaap Roll

    CHATPATI CHAAP ROLL is stuffed with a juicy filling of tandoor soya chaap, along with veggies, in a tangy play of spices. Served with green chutney and salad.

  • Biryani Roll

    Here we bring you the best of both worlds. This biryani roll is an amalgamation of Indian ingredients as well as western ingredients like jalapeno pepper, mozarella cheese and dum biryani.

  • Pepper Cigar Roll

    This delicious cigar roll will definitely be the talk of the party! It can be perfect starter recipe in any guest gatherings or special occasion. Serve it with chill mayo and schezwan sauce and everyone ...

  • Chicken Keema Bread Roll

    Chicken keema bread roll is the non-vegetarian variation of the bread roll. As the name itself explains it, instead of stuffing the bread with aloo, we stuff it with chicken keema.

  • Soya Chaap Roll

    To give your regular soya chaap a delicious twist, let's make a soya chaap roll that will fill your hunger in no time.

  • Tawa Bread Rolls

    Enough of deep fried bread rolls, now is the time to try a healthy yet delicious version of bread rolls. Enjoy this tawa bread roll without any guilt. Try it out!

  • Bread Cream Roll

    This super easy cream roll is made out of bread and is also low in fat as the filling is of hung card. Make this yummy and creamy roll to enjoy with your family and ...

  • Cheese Rakakat

    These Lebanese cheese rolls also known as Rakakat (in Arabic) are a well-known appetizer, served right along with hummus or baba ganoush.

  • Sooji Spring Rolls

    This lip-smacking recipe will help you make spring rolls but in a different form. These are healthier than the regular spring rolls; they are made of sooji and stuffed with chatpata, spicy aloo filling.

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