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  • Vegan Tofu Cigar

    Do you think plant based dishes are boring? Well, not anymore! This vegan tofu recipe is made from silken tofu along with crunchy veggies and hoisin sauce, lime juice and many other delicious ingredients.

  • Katsu Tofu Curry With Rice

    About Tofu Katsu Curry : Tofu Katsu Curry is a plant based version of the classic Japanese crowd-pleaser. It is very tender and made with crispy breaded tofu saturated in a rich and spicy curry ...

  • Rajasthani Kadhi With Tofu Palak Pakoda

    About Rajasthani Kadhi With Tofu Palak Pakoda Recipe: A tantalising kadhi recipe served with jeera pulao is what a hearty meal should be! This traditional Rajasthani kadhi recipe from Elior India serves crispy tofu palak ...

  • Ginger,Turmeric,Tofu And Kale Curry

    About Ginger,Turmeric,Tofu And Kale Curry Recipe: A superdelicios, nutritive and simple curry that is full of immunity boosting ingredients such as turmeric, ginger and kale. Prepare this at home for a wholesome meal.

  • Lasooni Palak with Tofu and Makhani Gravy

    About Lasooni Palak with Tofu and Makhani Gravy Recipe: Packed with the goodness of garlic, spinach and tofu, this buttery recipe is a delicious pick for a dinner party. Enjoy this tricolour treat this Independence ...

  • Palak Paneer

    About Palak Paneer Recipe: Palak Paneer, one of the most popular North Indian dish that goes well with roti, naan or rice. Paneer can be substituted with tofu as well. Palak Paneer is basically soft ...

  • Mapo Tofu with Spring Onion and Black Beans

    Traditionally made with beef or pork, this dish is thought to date back to the late nineteenth century. This vegetarian version made with tofu is equally sumptuous and has beautiful textures. You can adjust the ...

  • Stir Fried Tofu with Rice

    Stir Fried Tofu with Rice Recipe : An easy,vegetarian, Chinese style recipe laden with sam pal oelic and dark soya sauce which enhances its flavours. With this tofu recipe you can't help but ...

  • Orange Tofu Dumplings

    Winner of the weekly Guilt Free contest makes some innovative tofu and rava dumplings stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and walnuts. Dipped in a zesty orange sauce.

  • Beetroot Kebab

    These beetroot and tofu kebabs are a power house of energy. Brimming with antioxidants these kebabs hardly have any calories.

  • Detox Tofu Dessert

    Whip up a nice, de-toxifying, fruity dessert with Tofu.

  • Tofu and Cashew Mayonnaise

    About Tofu and Cashew Mayonnaise: Imagine a mayonnaise without a drop of oil! Without any eggs. Totally vegan. Made with tofu.

  • Chicken And Tofu Satay

    Marinated pieces of chicken and tofu skewered and barbequed. Served with a flavorful peanut sauce.

  • Textures of Soy

    About Textures of Soy Recipe: A delightfully healthy dish of tofu drizzled with some soya bean sauce accompanied by stir fried romaine lettuce.

  • Vegetable Ash Tofu in Blueberry Sauce

    A delight for your eyes as well as your taste buds. This dish meshes up the goodness of tofu, carrots, brinjal and other veggies with the tang of a blueberry-beetroot sauce.

  • Tofu with Spinach in Black Pepper Sauce

    Silken cubes of tofu stir fried in mild spices and served on a bed of spinach leaves drizzled with a peppery sauce.

  • Tofu Mango Mousse Pudding

    This delicate little treat is a perfect dessert. Tofu Mango Mousse, this divine little cloud of heaven will leave your guests and your family craving for more.

  • Tofu Burger

    About Tofu Burger Recipe: Tofu, chick peas, roasted nuts and vegetables mixed together to form a pattie. Sliced between burger buns and slathered with garlicky tahini sauce.

  • Chocolate Jaffa Mousse

    Delicious mousse made from layers of crumbled biscuits and chocolate paste!

  • Stir Fried Capsicum and Tofu

    Tofu, capsicum and onions tossed in flavors of soy sauce, vinegar and a ginger-garlic paste.

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