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  • Oats Masala Vada

    As the name suggests, this vada is made with oats and spices that gives a zing in taste. The best part about this recipe is that these vadas don’t require any overnight preparation. They will ...

  • Moong Chilka Vada

    As the name suggests, this vada recipe is made using soaked moong chilka dal. This vada recipe also makes a good dish for when you have unexpected guests and want to whip up a quick ...

  • Urad Dal Vada

    Also known as Biuli Dal Er Boda in Bengali, this vada recipe is made with a thick mixture of grounded urad dal, sooji (for crisp), chillies, onion and other tantalizing spices.

  • Bread Medu Vada

    As the name suggests, these vadas are quickly made with bread and other ingredients that completes the dish. And trust us, the bread medu vada has a similar taste to the regular vadas, so you ...

  • Chilli Cheese Vada Pav

    Spicy and cheesy, this vada pav recipe is sure to blow your mind with its extraordinary taste. Usually, Vada Pav has a potato vada inside it but in cheese chilli vada pav, the vada ...

  • Ulta Vada Pav

    Inside-out vada pav is just a fun flip of all the ingredients that make the regular vada pav. Instead of using a pav to sandwich the vada in between, this recipe uses a potato vada ...

  • Poha Medu Vada

    Poha Medu Vada is made of; you guessed it right – Poha. The taste and texture of poha makes for a brilliant substitute for the overnight soaked dal and your South Indian breakfast will be ...

  • Chicken Vada pav

    A bite into this juicy chicken vada sandwiched between the soft pav that is slathered with spicy chutneys is sure to give your day just the protein-packed and flavoursome kick start that you need.

  • Batata vada idli

    If you are bored of having the usual idli again and again, try this innovative and delicious batata vada stuffed idli. We are sure, it is going to be your next favourite snack recipe.

  • Kolhapuri Kat Vada

    Straight from the street of Kolhapur, kat vada (also known as usal vada) is a recipe which is known for its spicy sauces. It is basically a curry-based snack that includes fried batata vada (potato ...

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