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  • French Beans with Carrots

    A light and simple combination of french beans and carrots cooked in chicken stock.

  • Spicy Wisey Carrots

    Carrots with an added punch. Cooked with rich flavours, perfect as it is or as an accompaniment.

  • Carrot Salad with Walnut Vinaigrette

    Sliced carrots tossed in with tindli, pomegranate seeds, olives and tarragon. Sprinkled with freshly made walnut citrus vinaigrette.

  • Carrot and Tomato Soup

    This recipe allows you to enjoy the goodness of carrots and tomatoes in one soup. The flavour of this blend is enhanced by the correct amount seasoning and the garnish of cream and coriander.

  • Frans Bean Gajar

    French beans and carrots tossed together with mild spices.

  • Gajar Ka Murraba

    Gajar ka murabba is carrots preserved in a sugar syrup. Consumed commonly during winters.

  • Carrot Payasam

    A quick and easy Kerala-lite delicacy which is an integral part of Onam festivities. This version is made with carrots.

  • Oats Idli

    Low on carbs and healthy idlis made with oats and grated carrots. Ideal for those who are calorie conscious.

  • Warm Carrot Mousse

    A warm and savory carrot mousse served with a tangy orange sauce. A delicate medley of flavors.

  • Carrot Rolls

    This light snack needs just a few simple ingredients that can you'll find in your pantry with absolute ease: bread crumbs, paprika, garlic paste, pine nuts and more.

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