Chicken Curry

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  • Spicy Ginger Chicken Curry

    Fiery chicken curry with whole red chillies and the warm, intense flavor of ginger.

  • Coconut Chicken Curry

    A creamy chicken curry with coconut milk and mild spices. Comforting and pleasurable at once!

  • Spicy Malvani Chicken Curry

    Chicken cooked in coconut gravy and a spicy malvani masala. A stimulating chicken curry made malvani style.

  • Andhra Style Chicken Curry

    Chef Srinu from the Southern Spice restaurant shows Aditya Bal how to cook Andhra style chicken curry which is spicy and goes best with steamed rice.

  • Quick Chicken Curry

    Juggling with an unexpectedly sudden dinner party? Here's a quick chicken curry to your rescue! Straight from the smoking kitchen of Aditya Bal, this recipe is surprisingly quick to cook and will make you a ...

  • Sweet Chicken Curry

    A chicken curry with caramelized onions, tangy tomatoes and ketchup. The curry is covered with a plate, a piece of coal is placed along with green chillies and ghee for the curry to be cooked ...

  • Chicken Curry with Coriander Rice

    Aditya sets up his kitchen at the quaintest little roadside dhaba and gets down to cooking up his own version of Mandu chicken curry! Here's a masaledar chicken curry served with lemony coriander rice.

  • Chicken Yogurt Curry

    Soaked in intense masala flavours and soothing yogurt, chicken chunks served hot with rice or roti.

  •  Kaeng Kheow Waan Kai or Green Chicken Curry

    This light and bright curry made with coconut milk and chicken goes perfectly with rice and lingers of gorgeous basil and lime leaves that leave you with just the perfect aftertaste.

  • Khara Chicken

    Aditya Bal sets up his kitchen in Pune and whips up a mouth watering chicken curry with copra and charred onions.

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