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'Curry' - 437 Recipe Result(s)

  • Fish Curry without Oil

    Joey cooks up a fish curry with no oil. Fish cooked with tamarind juice, coconut, onions, tomatoes and chillies in a clay pot. Fresh, easy and quick.

  • Red Hot Chilli Fish Curry

    Spicy food lovers dig in this red hot chili fish curry recipe. Made in coconut oil with kokum and curry leaves this fish curry is served with boiled rice.

  • Vendakkaya Curry (Bhindi Curry)

    A light curry made with lady fingers, yogurt, coconut, green chillies, curry leaves and amchur.

  • Pan Seared Grouper with Kairy Curry

    Pan seared grouper served with gingered carrot puree, cumin flavored potatoes and kairy curry with coconut milk, jaggery and curry leaves.

  • Andhra Style Chicken Curry

    Chef Srinu from the Southern Spice restaurant shows Aditya Bal how to cook Andhra style chicken curry which is spicy and goes best with steamed rice.

  • Brinjal Curry

    A delicate and flavorsome curry made with the goodness of brinjals cooked in a tangy masala.

  • Goan Coconut Curry

    A coconut-y curry flavored with spices and tamarind.

  • Goan Egg Curry

    A egg curry with three special ingredients - coconut cream, tamarind and poppy seeds, sets this recipe apart.

  • Meen Alleppey Curry with Brown Rice

    Traditional fish curry with raw mangoes, served with steamed brown rice.

  • Meen Murringakka Curry

    A deletable sardine fish curry with tamarind, coconut and drumsticks (murringakka). Tempered with shallots and red chillies. Serve with steamed rice. This recipe is absolutely delicious.

'Curry' - 61 Article Result(s)

  • Neil Perry's recipes: green curry of prawns

    Green bird's eye chillies give this curry its colour and heat. Combine with Neil's other recipes to make an Asian banquetThe curry paste in this recipe can be used as a base for a stir-fry. ...

  • Unravelling the Indian Curry

    Since childhood, being born in a North Indian Punjabi family, I have been fond of curries - spicy chicken curry or tangy vegetable tangy curry accompanied with rice or a crisp tandoori roti oozing with ...

  • Birmingham's Balti Curry to Get Protected Name Status

    The Midlands curry will join the illustrious ranks of champagne and Parma ham as holders of European protected food status.

  • Curry Leaves Benefits: The Spicy Route to Good Health

    Curry leaves are not only versatile when it comes to uses in cooking but have astonishing health benefits that you may not have considered at all.

  • Jack Monroe's Chinese Chicken Curry Recipe

    This is my version of my dad's chicken curry which was itself a replica of a Chinese takeaway dish. It's a great way to feed a crowd.

  • Breakfast of Champions: Bob Marley's Curry Goat

    Jamaica's classic curry goat was the reggae legend's choice of wedding day breakfast.

  • 10 Best Curry Recipes

    With these easy-to-follow curry recipes, you'll have authentic curries cooking away on your stove in no time. Choose from fragrant Thai curries to spicy Indian chicken curries, and spice up your dinner.

  • How to eat: curry

    This month, How to Eat fancies a curry. Eat-in or takeaway? Dishes to share or your own main course? Washed down with beer or wine? And does anyone ever have room for dessert?Loosen your belt, ...

  • Season's Eating: Fresh Turmeric and Chicken Curry

    The root of the turmeric is earthier than its yellow ground cousin and the taste more complex. Combine with ginger for a fantastic chicken curry.

  • 10 Best Indian Chicken Curry Recipes

    The great Indian 'kari', which stems from the word for sauce in Tamil, is known to have originated sometime during the ancient Indus civilization. Since then it has travelled beyond boundaries and created many fans ...