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  • World Diabetes 2015: The Eye-opening Reality of Diabetes in India

    Is India prepared to deal with huge numbers of diabetes patients?

  • Does Consuming Too Much Sugar Cause Diabetes?

    On World Diabetes Day (14th November) we bust a few myths and share some facts that will help you manage diabetes. Does consuming too much sugar cause diabetes? Is diabetes a disease of the elderly? ...

  • 6 Natural Remedies for Diabetes

    The latest estimates from the International Diabetes Federation show that there are about 382 million people living with diabetes worldwide. In India, the situation is quite grim with a population of 67 million diabetics (which ...

  • World Diabetes Day: Can Your Diet Alone Reverse Diabetes?

    Diabetes is one of the leading health issues around the world. According to the World Health Organization, close to 350 million people suffer from diabetes. Factors like genetic makeup, family history, lifestyle and diet may ...

  • World Diabetes Day: 10 Healthy Snacks for People with Diabetes

    The result of a poor and unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle and long working hours have become increasingly worrisome. And diabetes happens to be the most dangerous of them all, plaguing millions across the world. It ...

  • To Fight Diabetes, Development Alone Won't Do: IDF Chief (Interview)

    Development without any focus on health is the reason for the increasing burden of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, International Diabetes Federation President Jean Claude Mbanya said.In an interview to IANS, Mbanya said developing countries like ...

  • Diet Fizzy Drinks Come With Higher Diabetes Mellitus Risk

    Diet fizzy drinks, touted as healthier substitutes are likely to push up diabetes risk by 60 percent, rather than the regular versions, says a European study involving more than 66,000 women.Diet drinkers also consume more ...

  • Binge Drinking Heightens Type 2 Diabetes Risk

    Binge drinking causes insulin resistance, which spurs a greater risk of Type 2 diabetes, according to the results of an animal study.Insulin resistance (IR) arises when cells fail to respond to the normal actions of ...

  • Rosemary and Oregano Can Help Fight Diabetes

    Herbs are widely used in the kitchen to enhance the flavor of food, adding freshness and a pleasant aroma to your meals. Previously, health experts have claimed that fresh herbs pack a number of health ...

  • This Diabetes Drug May Even Benefit Non-Diabetics

    A recent study at the Cardiff University's school of medicine has unraveled quite an interesting fact about a diabetes treating drug called Matformin. A research team has found that this widely prescribed drug has properties ...