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  • Achaari Murgh with Desi Ghee Khichdi

    Chicken pieces cooked in with masalas and red chilli pickle served with khichdi, banarsi aloo papad and moong dal.

  • Arhar Dal Ki Khichdi

    An everyday rice preparation made with arhar dal. Tuck into a plateful of steaming arhar dal khichdi on a wintery day.

  • Ayurvedic Khichdi

    Cook up some home comfort with this Ayurvedic khichdi recipe of rice and moong dal. As per Ayurveda moong dal is said to have a cooling energy and it promotes the de-toxification process in our ...

  • Bajre ki Khichdi

    A warm and comforting khichdi made with bajra and moong dal.

  • Sabudaane ki Khichdi

    Here's an easy recipe for a delicious sabudana khichdi with peanuts.

  • Leftover Tadka Khichdi

    Plain old khichdi enhanced with a host of flavours and tomato puree.

  • Bardoli Ki Khichdi

    Perfect rice cooked with potatoes and peas with flavours of raw mango and assorted spices.

  • Bissi Bele Bhath

    Bissi Bele Bhath is a rice preparation popular in Karnataka. In kannada language it is also known as 'Bisi Bele Huliyanna' which means hot lentil rice. It is a type of khichdi with rice, arhar ...

  • Khilli hui Khichdi

    Three kinds of dals, a cup of rice and a host of masalas come together to create this traditional recipe.

  • Moong Dal ki Khichdi

    Split green gram and rice come together beautifully in this traditional recipe.

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