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'Mango' - 225 Recipe Result(s)

  • Corn and Raw Mango Salad

    Corn tossed with spring onions, bell peppers, raw mango, avocado, celery, cherry tomatoes and herbs make a crunchy and refreshing salad.

  • Mango Chutney

    Tangy and tantalizing mango chutney can be remarkably versatile, use it as a spread on sandwitches or with rice/chappatis or simply dip your snacks into it!

  • Drunken Snow White Meringue with Mango

    Dig in this delectable mango dessert. Made with whisked egg whites, sugar and whiskey. Topped with mascarpone and mangoes.

  • Mango Smoothie

    A refreshing summer cooler made with the goodness of mango, milk and yogurt.

  • Mango Squash

    An easy to make, delicious mango drink that will please one and all. Sip on the ecstatic taste of mango nectar coupled with lemon juice and sugar.

  • Pomegranate and Mulberry Salad with Mango Caviar

    Soaked with rich flavours, pomegranate, mulberry and beans salad is topped with homemade mango caviar.

  • Raw Mango Rasam

    This dish is originally known as mangaai rasam or raw mango rasam. Here's a flavorful and wonderfully spiced rasam recipe.

  • Coconut Custard with Mango Noodles

    Creamy coconut custard served in shot glasses, topped with strings of mango noodles.

  • Green Chilly and Raw Mango Risotto

    Rice rolled in assorted vegetables, herbs and flavours, garnished with an interesting mooli and raw mango salad.

  • Lamb with Mango Dip

    Lamb chops marinated in rich cashew paste and shallow fried till tender. Served with a mango dip, that is sweet and sour in one bite.

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