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  • Lamb Momos with Sweet Chilli Sauce

    Make this all time favorite street food at home! Momos with a filling of lamb mince and mild spices. Served with a freshly made sauce that is sweet and spicy in one bite!

  • Momos

    With these momos the possibilities are endless. Make them from scratch and pack with chicken, veggies, soya, paneer or whatever your heart fancies!

  • Fried Chicken Momos

    An all-time favorite street snack, Momos made with a chicken filling, first steamed and then deep fried.

  • Chilli Sauce for Momos

    The all important momo side kick.

  • Vegetable Momos

    These popular street dumplings are so versatile. You just need to master the technique and you can twist them to suit your palate.

  • Chicken Momos

    Momos are a types of dumplings which can either be steamed or fried. This delicious appetizer is native to the Himalayas of Nepal and popularly eaten as a street snack.

  • Austrian Dumplings

    Discover the Austrian rendition of this Asian recipe. With a paneer based dough and a low fat carrot based filling, these vegetarian dumplings are a healthy feast. This recipe was shared with us by the ...

  • Sausage Wantons

    Sausages with delightful filling wrapped around wonton skins and fried crisp.

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