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  • Taste Test: Potato Chips

    Having won over the whole world effortlessly, we imagine potato chips sitting majestically on an iron throne on top of the globe. Okay, so that might be a bit of a stretch, but we do ...

  • How to Make Perfect Mashed Potato

    Olli Dabbous tells how to make the sinfully rich mashed potato that wows diners at Dabbous. Warning: contains three packs of butter.Two weeks after Dabbous opened in January 2012, it received a rare five-star review ...

  • Suvir Saran's Spinach and Potato Patties (Palak Ki Tiki)

    These are adapted from Suvir Saran's potato patties called palak ki tiki, from his lovely cookbook "Masala Farm." They are a striking green because of all of the raw spinach that gets packed into them. ...

  • 10 Best Potato Recipes

    "What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow." - AA MilneThe ever so versatile, humble ingredient, used widely in almost all types of ...

  • Potato Salad Done Right

    Potato salad is one of the easiest and most beloved dishes of summer: a soft and creamy mix that anchors any grilled, fried or steamed menu of the season.

  • Survival Series: How to Make The Ultimate Baked Potato

    Watch and learn the simplest way to make a baked potato. All you need is olive oil, and some salt & pepper.

  • The TomTato

    Is it a tomato or a potato? It's both! Will a new dual-cropping TomTato plant catch growers' imaginations?You say tomatoes, I say potatoes ... but imagine you could get both crops on one plant.Thompson & ...

  • Nigel Slater's Christmas side dish recipes

    Classic accompaniments with a twist, including sausage, bacon and potato bake, salmon and beetroot rolls and sprouts in tempura batterAs much as I love the Christmas roast, it's the accompaniments that really do it for ...

  • Top 4 Dum Aloo Recipes

    There are some foods that never go out of season, or style. They continue to be relished in different avatars', under different names and different cuisines. One such vegetable people adore is potato aka aloo. ...

  • Mollie Katzen - Inspired Potato and Broccoli Burgers

    The famed vegetarian cookbook author Mollie Katzen has a whole chapter devoted to burgers and savory pancakes in her beautiful new cookbook, "The Heart of the Plate." Before I'd looked carefully at the chapter I'd ...