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  • Aloo Shakarkhand ki Chaat

    About Aloo Shakarkhand ki Chaat Recipe: A delicious snack to savour, deep fried sweet potato are coated with spicy, tangy mixture full of masala and sauces including tomato and mint. A must have during the ...

  • Triangle Puff

    The good old Punjabi Samosa that might be safely crowned as the national tea-time snack of India. What if you could make it easily at home without running to your favourite shop craving all the ...

  • steamed asparagus with potato and leek sauce hindi

    आलू और लीक सॉस के साथ स्टीम्ड एस्पैरेग सरेसिपी: पीली स्क्वॉश, ज़ुखीनी, हरी बीन्स और एस्पैरेगस को आलू और लीक सॉस में तैयार करके भाप में पकाया जाता है।

  • Fiesole style Potato Dumplings

    An amazing recipe to cook up for a brunch or a party at home with friends and family. Floury potatoes cooked and tossed in tangy tomato sauce. Serve them with a glass of wine and ...

  • bbq potato salad hindi

    आलू का सैलेड, वह भी एक ट्विस्ट के साथ। आप इसमें अगर चाहें, तो अपने पसंदीदा कोला का स्वाद भी दे सकते हैं, जो एक ड्रेसिंग की तरह काम करेगा।

  • Stuffed Malai Kofta

    Potato and Paneer stuffed balls or koftas, dipped in delicious and creamy gravy termed as Malai makes this perfect lunch or dinner recipe. It can be served at dinner parties along with Plain rice, Jeera ...

  • stuffed jacket potatoes hindi

    क्रीमी मशरूम का मिश्रण भरकर आप यह लज़ीज़ आलू जैकेट तैयार कर सकते हैं।

  • Honey Chilli Potato

    The amazing starter recipe, honey chilli potato can be added to any party food menu. This Chinese dish is generally liked by people of all ages. Made with fried potatoes, honey and chilli sauce, this ...

  • Hassel back Sweet Potatoes

    Come winters and the sweet potatoes or locally called Shakarkand is available at every corner of the streets and local markets. Come Christmas and New Year, try a traditional Sweet Potato dish for sharing the ...

  • Spicy Aloo Tikki

    Aloo Tiikki is a popular north indian snack, usually served with Choley. You can usually find it on the street stalls of Chaat but this easy and quick recipe can help you make it at ...

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