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    • You've Seen These Uncommon Fruits. Here's What To Do With Them

      Here are some faun facts about the uncommon fruits you spot in a grocery store and what you can do with them.

    • Why Cooks and Bakers Should Give Ghee a Try

      Ghee has long been touted in Indian cooking and Ayurvedic medicine as healing to the digestive tract and a contributor to strong eyesight, healthy skin and stable moods.

    • Why Shorter Days Call for a Dose of Vitamin D

      Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but rather a group of hormones. They help the body absorb nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. This is why vitamin D is added to calcium-rich milk. Studies show that only 10 to 15 percent of ...

    • Getting a Little Kid to Behave (and Eat) at the Dinner Table? Make it a Game

      Here are some of Casey Seidenberg favorite table games that teach elementary-age kids about healthy eating and make dinner fun.

    • Make The Most of Your Muffin Tin

      Almost anything can be made in a muffin pan, and the result is perfectly portioned breakfasts, lunches, snacks or dinners made by the dozen that can be stored in the fridge, ready to eat.

    • Tighten Your Family's Food Budget Without Skimping On Nutrition

      As I've reflected on our summer months, the fun moments and the misses, I've noticed that the money we spent on activities skyrocketed - paddle-boarding has become a family obsession - and the amount we spent on food plummeted.

    • Yes, Your Kids Can and Should Pack Their Own Lunches

      Unlike my 13-year-old son, my 5-year-old daughter certainly can't be expected to take the public bus when she needs a ride, but she can pack her own lunch. And come September, that she will do, just like her older brothers did when they were about ...

    • Do Sports Drinks Fuel or Fool Young Athletes?

      Commercial sports drinks were initially designed for athletes who, like the Olympians, train and sweat so vigorously and for such prolonged periods that they sufficiently deplete their bodies to require the rehydration and calorie replenishment these drinks provide

    • My 5-Year-Old Refused to Eat Dinner - And I Let Her

      On a recent weeknight, my 5-year-old daughter did not, in the slightest bit, like what I served for dinner. In particular, she wanted nothing to do with the chicken that was in the dish.

    • The Sheet-Pan Supper: An Entire Meal on a Single Tray

      As the school year reaches a fever pitch and final exams loom, we are making meals as simple and with as few dishes as possible so my children can resume their all-important studying and get to bed on time.

    • Dear Teens: Wake Up (And Eat Something)

      Studies report that about 25 percent of U.S. teens deem the first meal of the day unnecessary.

    • Nuts and seeds: A Super Snack

      My boys are ardent baseball players. At some point during the 10,000 hours it seems they have spent on the diamond, they picked up the archetypal habit of chewing and spitting sunflower seeds in the dugout.

    • A Cycle of Cram, Crave, Crash from Sugar and Caffeine

      Caffeine, one of the more common substances people rely on for energy, does its job by blocking a chemical that calms the brain.

    • Cool Beans: How to Help Your Little Ones Love Legumes

      Buy and eat more beans this year, first because they are good for your health and waistline

    • 10 Vegetables Kids Should Eat - But Probably Don't

      Here are 10 common myths that mischaracterize vegetables - followed by facts about why these vegetables are worth a place on your child's plate.

    • Eating Right: What You Say & What Your Child Thinks

      What the adult says: "Eat five more bites." What the child thinks: "My parents don't trust me or think I am capable of deciding when I am full. They're just trying to control me."

    • What Should You Be Feeding Your Growing Child?

      Countless wonderful transformations occur inside the bodies of tweens and teens, and many directly affect the way they eat or relate to food. After infancy, adolescence is the second most critical time for nutritious eating.

    • Salt is Essential, but in an Appropriate Amount

      Salt itself isn't a bad thing. In fact, it is necessary for life, one of the body's basic elements and most important electrolytes.

    • Foods are Better than Pills When it Comes to Providing Vitamins

      As soon as I utter the words "protein" or "healthy," the responses I usually get is glassy eyes and expressions indicating they'd rather be anywhere else.

    • Kids and Protein Powder: What You Should Know

      How much protein do kids really need? Here are the characteristics you need to look for while buying a protein powder and healthier alternatives to help kids build muscle.

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