11 Best Baked Fish Recipes | Fish Recipes

A beautifully baked fish makes for a simple and quick dinner. We've pulled out our 11 best baked fish recipes that use few ingredients and fewer utensils to make a delicious meal.

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11 Best Baked Fish Recipes | Fish Recipes

Baked fish recipes to try at home.

Fish Recipes- A beautifully baked fish makes for a simple and quick dinner on a day when you're lazy but craving something delicious. We know how terrible meal planning, cooking and cleaning can be on a hectic day. So to help, we've pulled out our best baked fish recipes that use few ingredients and fewer utensils - a win-win situation. Not to forget, they are healthy too.

But first, let's learn how to bake fish to tender perfection. Before you begin your baking lessons, let's get one thing straight - baking is not the same as grilling or roasting. All three are dry heat cooking techniques that use hot air to conduct heat. While roasting adds a rather crisp texture to the meat, grilling and baking are comparatively healthier methods of cooking. They allow the fat to cook out and drip away. Baking is a slow-cooking, low-intensity method and it takes longer than grilling.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind for a perfect golden baked fish | Tips and Tricks For A Perfect Baked Fish

1. If the fish is frozen, allow it to thaw in the refrigerator before you use it.

2. For fillets, preheat the oven at 230 degree Celsius and for dressed fish, the heat should be a bit lower about 175 degree Celsius.


3. Rinse the fish and then let it dry. Place the fish in a single layer in a greased pan.

4. If you are baking fish fillets, tuck in any thin edges. Fish steaks or fillets take about 6 to 10 minutes to bake.

5. You can brush it with some olive oil, pesto or home-made tomato to keep the fish moist.

6. To check whether the fish is baked, insert a knife inside the meat and twist it a bit. For doneness, the fish should begin to flake and the milky white fish juices will ooze out.

Baked Fish Recipes

Now that you know all the secrets, it's time to experiment. Presenting, our 11 best baked fish recipes that you'll want to bookmark for life.

1. Khud-Style Baked Indian Basa

Basa fish marinated with spices, coriander seeds, fennel and hung curd. It is then wrapped in a banana leaf and baked golden.

fishA delicious baked fish recipe, beautifully wrapped in banana leaf.

2. Salt Crusted Baked Snapper

Tender fish topped with a delicious sauce with flavours of lemongrass and jaggery. A whole baked fish for a great dinner party meal for the family and friends.

red snapperWhole fish marinated in spices and baked with a salt crust.

3. Beetroot Crusted Rawas

Take your weekday dinner up a notch with these easy and delicious recipe that's ready in 30 minutes. What's more? With the goodness of beetroot it is super healthy.

rawasServed with a tangy starfruit relish, this fish recipe is a must try.

4. Fish Fillets with Warm Parsley Sauce

A light and lovely fish coated with walnuts and breadcrumbs and served with a freshly made herb sauce.

fish steakThese fish fillets are served with warm parsley sauce and are too delicious to resist.

5. Machchi ke Sooley

A beautiful Rajasthani recipe in fish fillets, red chillies and tangy mango powder. Simply put everything together and let the oven do the hard work.

Pair this with rice or chapati for a whole meal.

6. Baked Nut Crusted Fish

A recipe to use when you're in the mood for something fancy. This nut crusted fish is made form Halibut, a firm white fish that is delicious when baked. Replicate a restaurant favourite in your very own kitchen.

fish nutsA crisp, nutty recipe to fulfill all your hunger pangs.

7. Algerienne Fish

A tangy French recipe, Algerienne fish is a delicate baked fish recipe where fillets are marinated in lime juice and dressed in a fresh tomato flavour.

fish filletBaked and topped with a freshly made tomato sauce, this recipe is all about delectable flavours.

8. Salmon Fillet with Vegetables

Salmon fillets wrapped in fresh herbs and then bathed in an impressive white wine and butter sauce. Served with a side of seasoned steamed vegetables. Simple yet impressive!

salmonA light and lovely serving of fish to prepare on special occasions.

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9. Fish Andlouse

Tender fish spiced up with a tangy tomato sauce with fresh basil and thyme. Made in less than 30 minutes, this one is a complete meal for busy weeknights.

An easy-to-follow fish dish, baked in a divine sauce made from tomatoes and an eclectic mix of fresh and dry herbs.


10. Baked Fish in White Sauce

A cheesy concoction of fish baked golden along with in a white sauce made from scratch. Tender fish fillets smeared in a simple marinade of lime juice and salt, seared golden and bathed in a creamy sauce. 
snapperA lovely fish recipe, baked to a lip-smacking perfection.

11. Foil Baked Fish

An easy fish recipe, baked to perfection wrapped in a foil. A unique, interesting and extremely delicious recipe to prepare as a starter for a dinner party.

h49djmd8Foil Baked Fish

Enjoy the winter season with friends and family by baking these fish delights.

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