Chicken Wings

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  • Dragon Fire Wings

    About Dragon Fire Wings Recipe: This one is for all the crazy Game of Thrones fans out there! Mouth-watering chicken wings marinated in yogurt and an array of spices roasted to perfection in barbecue sauce ...

  • Sticky Rum Chicken Wings

    About Sticky Rum Chicken Wings Recipe: Cracker of a dish! Chicken wings are marinated, roasted and then flambeed with rum.

  • Sticky Tamarind Chicken Wings

    Sticky Tamarind Chicken Wings Recipe : Sticky Tamarind Chicken Wings Coated with soy sauce, tamarind puree and jaggery or honey, chicken wings are fried crisp.

  • Bhuna Masala Chicken Wings

    About Bhuna Masala Chicken Wings Recipe: Chicken wings get a desi makeover. Tender chunks of chicken coated with a luscious batter with dry red chillies, capsicum, tomatoes, cumin seeds and coriander seeds.

  • Chicken Wings with Sweet Chilli Sauce

    Crispy and mouth watering deep fried chicken wings. Served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.

  • Honey Chicken Wings

    The ultimate game night menu always has space for this recipe. Chicken wings marinated in a variety of spices and seared.

  • Chilli Garlic Wings

    Coated with rich flavours, chicken wings are fried crisp.

  • Spicy Chicken Wings

    Chicken wings rolled in a tangy mixture of paprika, chilli powder, and oregano, cooked to precision.

  • Chicken Lollipops

    About Chicken Lollipops Recipe | Grilled Chicken Recipe: A crispy and juicy Indian chicken dish that is most popularly found in the snacks menu of every Indian restaurant. Coated with a luscious batter with garlic ...

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    Credit for the classic Buffalo wing goes to Teressa Bellissimo, who developed the dish in the kitchen of the Anchor Bar in 1964. Fifty years later, the Main Street eatery remains a must-see for countless ...

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  • The Chicken Wing Boom

    Chaz Brown has dreams. Strange ones - sort of like the dreams Kevin Spacey's character had in "American Beauty," except that instead of rose petals hovering in the air, Brown has visions of ethereal flocks ...

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  • Arizona's Mint Dispensary, A Restaurant That Adds Weed To Everything

    Mint Dispensary, a unique store/restaurant in Arizona offering the likes of chicken wings dressed with THC, the active ingredient of marijuana.This emporium of the marijuana plant, located in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe and visited ...

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  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Sticky Food

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