Indian Breads

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  • Luchi

    Luchi or Loochi is a deep fried Indian yeast free flatbread which gets puffed up during frying, very similar to poori. It is a popular breakfast staple in Bangladesh and few states of eastern zone ...

  • Dal Parantha

    This home cooked dal parantha is full of delicious flavours. Best for winters it is easy and quick to cook. The spices add to a perfect taste that it is usually liked by people of ...

  • methi ka thepla hindi

    मेथी, अदरक, मिर्च, हर्ब और दही के साथ आटा गूंथ लें और इसके क्रिस्पी परांठे बना लें।

  • Tukkad Roti

    Dough balls are rolled out and stuffed with tomatoes and onions, fried crisp in desi ghee.

  • Sattu Parantha

    The classic sattu paratha recipe, improvised and simplified!

  • Pithi Parantha (My Yellow Table)

    A wholesome breakfast option or a perfect accompaniment to relishing curries, pickles or chutneys. Parathas stuffed with a delicious moong dal filling.

  • Khameeri Roti (My Yellow Table)

    Team these mouth-watering khameeri rotis with delectable dals, curries and you are good to go for a stellar dinner party.

  • Pudina Lachcha Parantha (My Yellow Table)

    A quick fix to those untimely hunger pangs or a speedy breakfast option. These minty lachcha paranthas are easy to make and a must try!

  • Methi Parantha (My Yellow Table)

    A quick and easy way to kick-start your day. Simple ingredients and even simpler steps to roll out these delectable parathas.

  • Cheese and Avocado Parantha (My Yellow Table)

    Relish the exquisite blend of flavours wrapped in dough and rolled out in parathas. Go beyond regular and try these stuffed with avocado and mozzarella cheese

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  • How to Make the Perfect Naan Bread

    Do you need a tandoor to make proper naans, are chapatis or parathas a better bet, and has anyone mastered homemade stuffed flatbreads?I'm not scared of taking on Indian food - far from it, dal ...

  • Egg Paratha: The Indian Breakfast Treat That's All About a Simple Trick

    The best places to savour Egg Parathas are roadside stalls. They make it without the frills, yet diligently to serve you flavours at their best. Or, you can also try making it at home!

  • The Amritsari Kulcha Trail: Where to Get the Best?

    Amritsar Kulchas are famous for their unique way of preparation. There's lot to learn about it than meets the eye. Here are some of the best places to relish them -

  • Naan Pizza: The Indian Twist to the Most Popular Snack

    Naan Pizza, is just like regular pizza but only better. This food trend is bound to impress. Here are 7 ways you can top up naans and make them delicious.

  • The 163-Year-Old Square Naan Of Hyderabad

    Purani Haveli's known to be the place or origin of the square or char koni naan in Hyderabad. The place gets its name from the Haveli which was built for the Nizam of Hyderabad Sikander ...

  • 10 Best Bread Recipes

    From our daily lunch-box dilemmas to being the ultimate evening meal companion - most of us start our day with a humble slice of bread and keep resorting back to it in multiple ways.

  • 10 Best Indian Bread Recipes

    Right from breakfast to dinner, there are various kinds Indian breads that can spruce up your regular meal time. Here's our list of 10 best Indian bread recipes.