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  • Herb Crusted Salmon

    About Herb Crusted Salmon Recipe: Flavourful, zesty, quick and easy salmon recipe laced in herbs, this one is a must-try!

  • Salmon With Sweet Sauce

    About Salmon With Sweet Sauce Recipe: A super delicious and nutritious salmon recipe that is wholesome and simply irresistible.

  • Valentine Love Maple Marinate Baked Salmon

    About Valentine Love Maple Marinate Baked Salmon Recipe: For all the seafood lovers, here's a simple salmon recipe packed with the flavours of garlic and pepper, baked to perfection!

  • Tandoori Masala Pan Fried Salmon

    About Tandoori Masala Pan Fried Salmon Recipe: An appetizing snack to serve on a bonfire night with friends. Salmon fish fillets pan friend along with a host of spices and served with a refreshing cucumber ...

  • Sous-Vide Salmon Tikka

    About Sous-Vide Salmon Tikka Recipe: A perfectly roasted salmon is the absolute favourite dish that you just can't miss. This recipe uses the sous-vide process to cook the fish, which means “under vacuum” in French ...

  • Seared Salmon in Tabasco Butter

    About Seared Salmon in Tabasco Butter Recipe: Pan-seared salmon fish served hot, topped with freshly made tabasco butter. This salmon dish is best served with a side of potato salad or mashed potatoes.

  • Plank Grilled Bourbon & Honey Salmon

    About Plank Grilled Bourbon & Honey Salmon Recipe: A simple, no fuss recipe where marinated Salmon is grilled to perfection on planks. Along with some roasted veggies in company, this salmon preparation is a ...

  • Salmon With Mango & Sherry Reduction

    About Salmon With Mango & Sherry Reduction Recipe: Bursting with goodness, this low fat recipe fuses sweet fruit with fresh vegetables – a perfect dish for a warm summer Day or evening. Salmon With Mango ...

  • Zesty Smoked Salmon with Avocado Tomato Salad

    A fulfilling, healthy salad that would fill your palate for the rest of the day. The major flavours in this salad are the salmon, creamy avocado and zesty lemon dressing. It’s got enough energy to ...

  • Kasundi Salmon Tikka with Pumpkin Pure

    A perfect seafood snack at any party.

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  • Here?s How You Can Make Tender Smoked Salmon At Home

    There's nothing quite as delicious as a plate of smoked salmon. It adds volumes of flavour to any dish it is added to. Heres How You Can Make Tender Smoked Salmon At Home.

  • Salmon from Norway comes to India with 'Desi' Twist

    Sea food lovers are in for good news as they can now relish salmon, native to tributaries of North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, in Indianised versions like 'Amritsari Tawa Salmon' and 'Bengali yogurt mustard Salmon'.

  • Give a Twist in Taste to Norwegian Salmon

    Ever eaten Norwegian salmon given a desi twist in flavour? How about having Amritsari tawa salmon or Norwegian salmon kebab with coriander yoghurt for a change in taste?

  • 9 Incredible Benefits of Salmon Fish You May Not Have Known

    Belonging to the family of fatty fish, with Herrings, Mackarels and Sardines, Salmon is primarily known for its heart-healthy properties and its role in aiding weight loss.

  • Nigel Slater's Salmon Macaroni Recipe

    A gently flavoured pasta supper with a herb crust that makes a little salmon go a long wayServe with a crisp, leafy salad and lots of watercress.The recipePour 600ml of double cream into a saucepan, ...

  • GM Salmon Soon at Supermarts

    Genetically modified (GM) salmon could soon be on supermart shelves soon after America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled in its favour.The FDA has already indicated the AquAdvantage salmon safe for human consumption and published ...

  • Nigel Slater's Salmon With Artichokes Recipe

    Something light for an early spring day.The recipeGrill or bake a piece of salmon fillet of about 350g. Leave it to rest for a few minutes, then break it into large bite-size pieces. Cut 4 ...

  • Easy Weekend Recipes: Salmon and Snapper

    Two simple fish recipes for a relaxed weekend - snapper fillet with tomato sauce, and spicy salmon salad. Snapper fillet with tomato sauce This tomato sauce is a great all-rounder; it's delicious with any seafood ...

  • Try salmon recipes for a healthy and fit body

    A healthy and fit body has its own advantages and eating salmon can help in achieving one -- so you can try a few recipes to get into the right shape. Norwegian Chef Signe Johansen ...

  • US FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Salmon, Faces Lawsuit

    According reports in the American media, United States FDA announced approval of GE AquaBounty salmon last year around November.

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