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Indian Desserts

'Indian Desserts' - 155 Recipe Result(s)

  • Wild Berries and Lavender Kheer

    The traditional Indian kheer gets a twist of berries and the aroma of lavender flowers. Take a bite and feel the bliss!

  • Phirni

    Milk thickened with rice flour and flavored with cardamom, almonds and pistachios. A dessert served in most Indian households on the occasion of holi.

  • Semiya Payasam

    A lovely Indian dessert which is easy and quick to prepare. Vermicelli sauteed golden in ghee with cashews and raisins, simmered with milk.

  • Milk Cake

    An Indian mithai made with curdled milk, saffron and lots of dry fruits.

  • Rava Kheer

    An easy to make Indian dessert full with the goodness of dry fruits, milk, semolina and aromatic cardamoms.

  • Til ki Barfee

    A quick Indian sweet made with sesame seeds, khoya and sugar.

  • Balushahi

    Balushahi is an traditional North Indian flaky dessert made with maida and deep fried in ghee.

  • Gud Ka Halwa

    Indian dessert made with semolina, jaggery and loads of nuts. This halwa is perfect to ward off cold and cough blues.

  • Hyderabadi Phirni

    A delectable and fragrant milk and rice based Indian dessert served in mitti ke kasore. Milk thickened with rice flour and flavored with cardamom and rose essence.

  • Kesari Jalebi

    Jalebi is a melt-in-the-mouth Indian sweet and can best be described as funnel cakes. Create culinary magic in your kitchen with this delectable delicacy.

'Indian Desserts' - 29 Article Result(s)

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    By and large Indian desserts use sugar, milk and khoya as the staple ingredients. There is no denying the fact, that desserts give a befitting end to any meal! Especially Indian desserts, ranging from Galub ...

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    The popular Indian frozen dessert is made from caramelised milk, but do you really need to cook the milk for four hours? What flavouring is best? And how do you get it out of the ...

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    Syrupy gulab jamuns, snow-laden mountains in Gulmarg and houseboating in the backwaters of Kerala are experiences that attract South African cricket icon Jonty Rhodes to India. He believes it is the common "entrepreneurial spirit" of ...

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    Despite stiff competition from attractively packaged and imported chocolates, traditional Indian sweets have not only managed to hold on to their own but have witnessed a steady rise in sales due to an expanding market ...