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  • Ven Pongal

    This traditional South Indian breakfast is simply amazing! It's light, delicious and goes beautifully with both sambhar and chutney.

  • Radha Ballavi (Stuffed Puri)

    They're part of a typical Sunday breakfast in any Bengali's home. Killer lentil stuffed puris that are hot, round, fluffy and will surely make your day.

  • Vagharela Chawal

    This famous Gujarati recipe can be put together with leftover rice, caramelized onions, cardamom and cinnamon in just a few minutes.

  • Cheese Chilli Dosa

    South Indian dosa with a twist. This one's made with a cheese and chilly flakes filling.

  • Rasam

    A south Indian dish which is usually watery and doesn't have a thick consistency like sambhar. Made with toor dal, lots of pepper and tomatoes, rasam can be eaten eaten as soup or with steamed ...

  • Barbecued Tandoori Bread

    The classic crispy Indian bread, experiment with variants - tandoori roti, lachcha parantha, naan or butter naan.

  • Upma

    A delicious South Indian breakfast dish made with urad dal, semolina, vegetables and curd.

  • Mavinakayi Nellikai Chitranna (Raw Mango & Gooseberry Rice)

    Chef Naren creates magic with a tangy and exciting combination of amla, raw mangoes and rice. The mix is infused with the goodness of local herbs and spices and cooked to an aromatic, spellbinding perfection.

  • Baqarkhani Roti

    Dough made out of eclectic ingredients - flour, baking powder, ghee, milk, raisins, almonds and kewra, baked crisp.

  • Saffron Paneer Dessert

    A delicate dessert made of paneer with the flavors of saffron, cardamom, almonds, raisins and rich cream.

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