Our Authors: Ashwin Rajagopalan

Ashwin Rajagopalan I've discovered cultures, destinations and felt at home in some of the world's most remote corners because of the various meals I've tried that have been prepared with passion. Sometimes they are traditional recipes and at most times they've been audacious reinterpretations by creative chefs. I might not cook often but when I do, I imagine I'm in a cookery show set - matching measuring bowls, et all!

When I'm not writing about food, I'm also writing about gadgets, trends and travel experiences. I enjoy communicating across cultures and borders in my weekday work avatar as a content and editorial consultant for a global major and one of India's only cross cultural trainers. My music playlist has room for everything from Alternative to Chennai-style Dappan Koothu. I'm still perfecting the Roger Federer backhand; I'm way off, but at least I can dress like him.


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