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    • A Ceviche Recipe that's a New World of Flavour

      Few dishes embody the meeting of two cultures as well as ceviche. In this clever dish, the Incas used the acidity of European citrus to cook fish. Paired with sweetcorn fritters and sweet potatoes, its a meal fit for a modern explorer.

    • A Feast of Antipasti, Recipes for the Best Starters in the World

      In the last of our four-part series on Italian cooking, we focus on antipasti, second to none among starters, drawing influence from around the globe to pique the palate just remember to leave room for your mains.

    • A Vegan Feast from Southern Italy

      For the third of our four-part series on Italian cooking, we eschew heavy meat and dairy in favour of simple, fresh abundance.

    • A Sicilian Feast with Salt-Crusted Seabass | Feasting

      In the second of our four-part series on Italian feasting, we celebrate the unique, many-flavoured cuisine of Sicily with a classic fish dish.

    • A Masterclass in Northern Italian Recipes

      The first of our four-part feast tour begins in Piemonte, with pork tonnato, herby pasta malfatti dumplings and a piquant mostarda potato salad

    • Coconut-Fried Chicken Recipe for a Group Supper | Feasting

      A culinary revelation in Colombia inspired this recipe for fried chicken, made with a coconut marinade to soften and sweeten the meat.

    • A Slow-Cooked Beef Feast to Cook for Guests This Weekend

      This sumptuous slow-cooked, French-inspired beef recipe is sure to convince you and your guests of the benefits of taking things slowly, not to mention the creamed parsnip and vegetables with walnut and tarragon dressing.

    • An Egyptian Recipe for Grilled Fish

      A sticky situation while holidaying in Egypt led to a deliciously fishy culinary experience and the inspiration for this week's grilled fish and fennel salad recipes to share with friends and family.

    • Cook Up a Spring Chicken Feast With the Trimmings | Feasting

      Our culinary power duo restaurateur Dimbleby and chef Baxter return with this new column that celebrates cooking for groups and gatherings without fuss. To kick off: a mean chicken gratin with seasonal green trimmings ...

    • How to Cook Eggs Without Cracking Up: Back to Basics

      They might seem simple, but whether scrambled, poached or boiled, eggs take practice to cook well.

    • Chinese Make-Away: How to Make Homemade Crispy Duck

      Is Chinese crispy duck the ultimate Asian dish in a cook's repertoire? Try this relatively easy (and nearly authentic) recipe to impress guests.

    • When It's a Jar: How to Make Your Own Chutney

      When your stores are overflowing with fruit and veg and youre out of meal ideas, its time to start making your own chutney its a cinch to make and lasts for ages in the fridge.

    • The World's Best Falafel Recipe Comes From Egypt

      A trip to Alexandria confirmed the best way of making falafel is not the most common. Try replacing chickpeas with superior fava beans, just like the Egyptians.

    • The Etiquette of an Omelette: Simple Spanish Tortilla Recipe

      Whether you can whip up a feast for 50 in a jiffy or you aspire to haute cuisine, try to develop your own way of cooking. This tortilla is a perfect canvas with which to start.

    • Cooking Fish is Simple: Just Do it With Sole

      Cooking fish can be daunting for amateurs and chefs alike. As ever, simplicity is key. Practise with this lemon sole recipe: failsafe, but no less impressive for it.

    • Making Fresh Pasta is a Rite of Passage

      Its far less faff than it seems to whip up your own tagliatelle, lasagne sheets or spaghetti you don't even need a machine to make these badly cut yet authentic maltagliata pieces.

    • Winter Salads to Get You Boxing Clever | Back to Basics

      Swap bags of prepared salad for fresh vegetable boxes to broaden your recipe repertoire and give yourself longer to use it all before it spoils.

    • The Essential Guide to the Basics of Cooking with Henry Dimbleby

      From baking fabulous bread to the perfect roast dinner, tips on getting creative with curry and bringing the best out of cabbage, Henry Dimbleby offers his top tips and advice.

    • Now's the Time to Savour a Stodgy Steamed Pudding

      Januarys no time to detox! Tuck into something comforting, warm and stodgy like this easy-to-make steamed pud.

    • Pork Belly Perfection | Back to Basics

      How to make a tantalising pork belly with perfect crackling and a sublime cider gravy

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