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    • Nagaland Food: A Beginner's Guide to this Northeast Indian Cuisine

      Naga food features a host of regional ingredients as well as highlighting the people's love for smoked meat, bamboo shoots, chillies, pumpkin flowers and more.

    • Manipur Food: A Beginner's Guide and 3 Delicious Recipes to Try

      With rice as a staple food, the cuisine of the people of Manipur differs from community to community. Here are three Manipuri recipes for you to try -

    • The Story of Momos: What Makes This Tibetan Dumpling So Popular?

      Have you ever wondered about the journey of momo? Come to think of it, the momo has probably travelled the farthest of all foods.

    • The Tale of Thukpa: What Lends Flavour to this Comforting Noodle Soup?

      What's common between momo and thukpa is their arduous journey from the mountainous Tibet, whereon they travelled widely and influenced other cultures to embrace them along the way.

    • The North-East Sweet Platter: Sesame Ladoos, Sticky Rice Treats and More

      People in the Northeast of India have an appetite for anything thats spicy and fiery when it comes to food. However, this does not mean in any way they do not like sweets.

    • A Meaty Affair: What Makes Smoked Meat So Special

      Smoking meat is an ancient culinary method that was invented as means of preserving food for a longer time. Years later, we still haven't been able to give it up.

    • Betel Nuts: What Makes it So Popular in the Northeast?

      Betel nut is a very popular ingredient in India, especially in the North-east. Read on to know more about the value it holds in their customs.

    • Packed with Love: The Joy of Gifting Food

      Expressing your affection by gifting food to your friends or neighbours has almost become a lost art. Read on to reconnect with this art of gifting food!

    • Rice that Binds

      Rice is such a versatile ingredient that its hard to find any other grain as unique as rice.

    • Hot News: One of The World's Spiciest Chilli Grows in India!

      One of the many things that puzzle people about those from the Northeast is their obsession for bhut jalokia.

    • The Humble Indian Spice We All Take for Granted

      Never take this important spice for granted. Not only is it one of the oldest known spices but it's subtle, sweet-scented aroma lends a delicate flavour to any dish that it's added to.

    • Fabulous Figs and their Unbelievable Health Benefits

      Some food can make you nostalgic almost immediately. Even the slightest whiff of aroma is enough to stir up memories of people and places. And of all things, figs unleash a wave of memories for me. Just the sight of them takes me back to ...

    • The Miraculous Power of Papaya Flower

      Every morning, she hovered around her garden and stretched out to reach for the flowers of papaya. Thankfully, the trees that grew in her garden were only a little taller than her petite self. She would deliberately choose flowers over the ripe fruits....

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