Kulfi Recipes

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  • Lychee Rabri Kulfi

    This extraordinary combination of kulfi and rabri along with flavours of lychee tastes heavenly.

  • Spiced Coffee Kulfi

    A perfect combination of coffee and the ingredients of creamy kulfi along with crunchy nuts.

  • Pista Malai Mewa Kulfi

    About Pista Malai Mewa Kulfi Recipe: Indulge in the irresistible flavours of pista and nuts in this amazing creamy kulfi!

  • Pista Malai Mewa Ki Creamy Crushed Kulfi

    About Pista Malai Mewa Ki Creamy Crushed Kulfi Recipe: The easiest most delicious Kulfi recipe ! Summers are just around the corner and with it comes the season of chilled ice creams and kulfi and ...

  • Badam Aur Gulkand Ki Kulfi

    About Badam Aur Gulkand Ki Kulfi Recipe: A perfect festive recipe! Kulfi is one Indian dessert that you cannot say no to, it is chilling, refreshing, sweet and all things yummy. This kulfi recipe here ...

  • Strawberry Infused Kulfi

    About Strawberry Infused Kulfi Recipe: Kulfi is an Indian dessert, an Indian ice-cream that is relished across all age-groups for its sweet, melt-in-mouth texture in as many flavours as you can imagine. Here is a ...

  • Mango Kulfi Snow Ball

    About Mango Kulfi Snow Ball Recipe: Mango and kulfi are the two summer essential that any food enthusiast cannot deny. Kulfi is basically a frozen milk based Indian dessert which has now started to be ...

  • Kesar Kulfi

    About Kesar Kulfi Recipe: Kulfi is one of the most loved summer dessert from Indian cuisine and is also popular in the neighbouring countries as well. It is similar to an Ice cream but is ...

  • Mango Pista Kulfi

    The ‘traditional Indian Ice-Cream’ with a twist! Rich with nuts and sinfully creamy, this twisted kulfi is sure to get you asking for more. Especially when preparing it is at your own disposal. Perfect for ...

  • Turmeric Kulfi

    About Turmeric Kulfi Recipe: Here's a cracker of a recipe! This delightful kulfi recipe is not only totally hassle-proof but takes just three ingredients to get done.

  • Matka Malai Kulfi

    About Matka Malai Kulfi Recipe: Nothing like rich, creamy and home-made kulf. Throw in some cardamom and saffron for flavour and pistachios for crunch.

  • Fresh Alphonso and Cranberry Kulfi

    An easy summer dessert made with fresh mangoes, sweet cranberries and lime. Indian Accent serves the traditional kulfi in a modern avatar.

  • Almond Malai Kulfi

    Almond Malai Kulfi Recipe: Kulfi is a very famous Indian dessert and people of all age groups love it. Condensed milk, saffron, dry fruits are teamed together, chilled and served in a matki.

  • Mango Kulfi

    Mango Kulfi Recipe: Popular kulfi recipe but with a twist, flavored with mango. Sinfully rich and creamy.

  • Trio of Kulfis

    About Trio of Kulfis: Three kulfi flavours come together for one superb dessert - guava and chooran kulfi, kaju katli kulfi and lassi kulfi.

  • Pista Kulfi

    About Pista Kulfi: A popular Indian Ice cream reduced milk flavoured with saffron, cardamom, pistachio and almonds, served chilled.

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