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  • panini with leftover chicken hindi

    सुबह का नाशता हेल्दी बनना है तो एक रात पहले का चिकन, आर्गुला, काली मिर्च, बैंगन और टमाटर की चटनी को मिक्स करके बनाएं पनीनी चिकन सैंडविच। नॉनवेज खाने वालों को यह सैंडविच बेहद ही ...

  • Turai Rice Soup Curry

    Who knew ridge gourd could not just taste so good but would be so easy to make as well. A soup rich in flavour and high on health is perfect for the calorie conscious.

  • Tomato and Roti Soup

    We always end up confused when it comes to left over meals. This recipe gives a boring bowl of daal a healthy and fun twist. Roti like you have never had before.

  • Pasta Torta (Leftover Pasta Sandwich)

    Pasta sandwich is an innovative sandwich recipe with some pasta, cheese and mushrooms. It can be enjoyed as a healthy breakfast or snack item.

  • Apple Kheer

    One of the most loved Indian dessert gets a fruity makeover! Rice kheer with an added punch of apples, red grapes and nuts.

  • Fish Tikka Salad

    Spicy fish tikkas tossed with mushroom, baby potato, red pepper and lettuce to make a creative salad.

  • Cheats Chicken Biryani

    A sumptuous chicken and rice biryani cooked with saffron infused milk.

  • Cheese and Chilli Quesadillas

    A quick snack to keep your mid meal cravings in place. Also a great way to use up leftover rotis. Flat bread stuffed with cheese and chilly and pan fried.

  • Smoked Melon Martini

    Blend a martini with grey goose, cantaloupe melons, mint and lots of ice!

  • Idli Upma

    Don't waste your food. Here is a quick and easy recipe you could do with the dried idlis you dread. Scrumptious and light, it could be served as a snack or a light supper.

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